Written by Nicole Johnson
Editor at BaseballWifeBlog.com

I feel like the day after Thanksgiving, the Christmas rush begins. Especially this year since Thanksgiving happened so late in the month.  The day after everyone makes up their Christmas lists and starts in on their holiday shopping for loved ones.  The holiday parties begin, and every year, there is always a cookie swap.  

I love going to cookie swaps, unfortunately, I can't ever share the cookies I get at those parties with my son.  He has severe nut allergies.  They are so severe that he can't eat anything that has touched a nut, or anything that even may have touched a nut.  

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Written by Nicole Johnson
Wife to Elliot Johnson
Editor at baseballwifeblog.com

Every woman in baseball spends a good part of her time on her own.  Sometimes it's at home, sometimes it's in an apartment in a new city, sometimes it's in a hotel in a new country.  It's going to happen.

I'm a paranoid person.  I could live in Fort Knox and still be worried that someone was going to break into my house and take my children.  I like to think it's an endearing quality, I'm quite sure I drive my husband nuts with all my unnecessary worries.  

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Written by Kalee Maloney
Wife to Matt Maloney

It's getting to be that time of the summer where the excitement of start of the baseball season is beginning to wear off. Road trips start to feel longer, distances farther. Home games drag on, off-days are few and far between and the off-season is a distant and foggy dream filled with what if's, where's, when's, and how's.

This is where the super-planner in me resurfaces trying desperately to put together a picture of what the rest of the season and off-season might look like.

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Written by Katie Davis
Wife to Lars Davis

When he approached me at practice, the first words out of my mouth were "Who smells like sweaty Old Spice?" His reply of course was, "Oh probably one of the freshman."

One year later he admitted to being the Old Spice culprit...claiming he used to wear it a looong time ago and he was wearing an old set of catching gear (riiiiiiiiiight).

So why didn't he admit to it when I first asked? Apparently this is what guys do, pass blame to someone else when they feel their own qualities threaten their chances at a woman.

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Written by Katelyn Davis
Wife to Wade Davis

The end of the 2010 Season came fast for us. The guys had earned their way into the playoffs against the Texas Rangers in the ALDS. I’ll never forget that friggen series.

The Rays lost the first game at Tropicana field, and I remember I decided to announce to every person I saw later on that day “If they were going to lose one, it may as well be the first one and get it out of the way…”

Good job Katelyn. The next day they lost the second game in a row. Shit.

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Written by Teri O'Conner, Wife to Pat O'Conner

As we approach our 30th year in baseball and marriage, I am still asked the same questions…

Can you get tickets and autographs?
Politely “no”.

What do you buy someone like your husband as a gift?
 My response…the usual – underwear, T-shirts and socks.

What advice would you give to someone?

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Written by Cassidy Dover
Ghostwriter for The Life of the Baseball Wife

I was sitting here thinking, “What in the world can I tell people about the lives in the Minor Leagues?”

I’m not sure I’ll get any sympathy on this one. However, if I start at that uncomfortable place, the one that permeates our lives even though I try my best to keep it away, maybe you’ll better understand some of the stress in our “almost-charmed” lives.

Ray I and got married pretty quickly. We were pretty young. We were definitely dreamers (although at the time we didn’t think we were dreaming).

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Written by Hannah Sneed
Wife to Cy Sneed
Writer at BaseballBride.blogspot.com 
Follow on Hannah Instagram and Twitter @hannahcsneed

If I'm the only baseball wife you know, you might not know that there are a good amount of baseball wives who don't travel full-time with their husbands during the season. For various reasons, for some couples the best choice is for the wife to stay at home and hold down the fort. For some it's for their career, others it's to provide stability for their kids. etc. Every marriage is different, and there's really no one size fits all choice for everyone.

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Written by Tricia Ring
Wife to Royce Ring

In the life of baseball there are many times that we have to say goodbye. My daughter and I just headed back to our actual home in San Diego and left Royce behind. It is always hard to say goodbye and even after 9 years it hasn't gotten any easier. Leaving made me reflect all the things we say goodbye to every year in baseball. Even though the season is not over yet here are some goodbyes that I think we can all relate to.

Goodbye real house. I promise I'll be back.

Goodbye real bed. I'm really gonna miss you.

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