Written by Marissa Kloess
Wife to Brandon Kloess
Follow Marissa on Twitter @marissakloess

Brandon hasn’t been called up or been on the 40-man, (Oh, how we pray!) but we had our own exciting adventure when he was picked up in 2009.

Brandon was playing independent ball in Chicago when he got the call that the White Sox wanted to sign him. He instantly said yes and drove over to US. Cellular Stadium where he signed his minor league contract in the player development office of the major league team.

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Written By Wendy Owens
Married to 18 Seasons of Baseball
and Wife to Jeremy Owens

So, while once again waiting on the ‘big leagues’ for another milestone to occur in our lives, I decided (again) to move on without it. Thank goodness or I would still be without kids and too old to have them.

I became pregnant at the end of November, 2002. My due date was August 12, 2003. No big deal, this was towards the end of the season and he would perhaps come home early. At the time, we had just returned from the West Coast and he was coming off the 40 man roster but traded in the rule 5 Draft. We were expecting big things.

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Written by Cassidy Dover
Ghostwriter for The Life of the Baseball Wife

I had seen the writing on the wall. Ray’s last few games were erradic. One great one, one horrible, one solid, then last night.
The first inning was horrible. The next two were good. He even got a hit!

The saying goes if you can’t help your team in the field, have your bat do the talking. It was his first hit in a year and a half (pitchers don’t bat in one league). I was excited! He even ran the bases and scored a run!

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Written by Kimberly Edmondson
Ex-Wife to Marty Brown

As I walked down the aisle on that rainy, February evening in 1987, I had no idea of the life that lay ahead of me. I was an eighteen year-old, child bride embarking on my life with the man of my dreams. The man was a hometown hero whom I started dating during my senior year of high school. He had just recently signed a professional baseball contract. However, to me, he wasn’t a baseball player, he was the love of my life and I was marrying him. I couldn’t be more thrilled, more excited, and most importantly, more naïve!

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Written by Kaycee Sogard
Writer & Editor at Blueberry Change
Follow her on Twitter @blueberrychange and @kayceesogard

One of my favorite parts about being a baseball wife (aside from the single parenting, and people two rows behind you at the game telling your husband he sucks) is the volunteering. Throughout the season most teams offer the wives and girlfriends many opportunities to volunteer and help with different fundraisers, giveaways, and events they hold. I have so much fun hanging out with the girls at the field all while helping out for lots of great causes, too!

I love that our guys’ teams make the effort to include us in these events, although I’ve never really understood why people love meeting and seeing the wives so much. I think people have this grand vision in their heads of what a “baseball wife” is supposed to look like or be (think Angelina Jolie meets Pamela Anderson), and while most baseball wives really are beautiful inside and out, I think the fans enjoy finding out that we are pretty normal, basic people just like them.

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Written by Nicole Johnson
Editor at The Life of the Baseball Wife

Thursday morning, I felt recharged from Elliot's visit home over All Star Break.  We had a great visit and all the kids enjoyed having him home for a few days.  Elliot flew out early in the morning before any of us woke up for the day.

Our son Blake woke as I was getting ready for work and rushed into our bedroom to find that Elliot had already left to travel back to Oklahoma City and meet his team.

"I didn't get to say goodbye to Daddy!"  he cried, not understanding that Elliot had a 4 am ride to the airport and didn't want to wake anyone.  

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Written by Rachel Turley
Wife to Nik Turley

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time, but I couldn’t figure out where to start or what to focus on or how to not sound slightly deranged. As you may imagine, no clarity has come through this thinking and so this will all be a jumbled, piecemeal mess. Good luck.

In Port St. Lucie this weekend, there was an exceedingly drunk and exceedingly loud man (correlated? Perhaps). He yelled things (at a very unnecessary decibel) every single time someone went up to bat. It was an extra innings game so most of the stadium had left and he was incredibly audible.

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Written by Alexis Rosenbaum
Wife to Danny Rosenbaum
Creator of Baseball Lacelets 
Follow her on Twitter @lexrosenbaum 

I am Alexis Rosenbaum, wife of Tommy John survivor Boston Red Sox Jewish left hander Danny Rosenbaum. Yes, I am a Shiksa. I created and co-own Baseball Lacelet with my sister, Hannah. Lacelets are customized leather bracelets made from the lacing in baseball gloves. I approach life with an immense amount of intensity and stick to what is simple and organized. I’m a firm believer in process and routine and am hungry for work, thriving when there is a need for hustle.

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Written by Beth Kennedy
Wife to Darryl Kennedy

All Star break July 1993. Darryl had been selected to the All Star team for the Rangers. How exciting, I needed to find a dress for the banquet. It was in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The girls and I were talking about how amazing it would be to stay at the hotel and that we could all make a night of it. I was so proud of Darryl for working so hard.

Two days before the game it was early in the morning and the phone rang.

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