We went out Saturday night with some friends to get some adult time after the kids had all been home from school all week because of the ice storm that hit the Raleigh Durham area.  We were all losing our minds, and when my friend Christie suggested a night out, I was more than happy to join the fun.

We decided to go to the Angus Barn to have a dinner in their Wild Turkey Lounge.  For those of you not from this area, the Angus Barn is much fancier than the name suggests.  Basically if you're going out for a steak dinner in Raleigh, you're going to the Angus Barn.  

So we gussied up and headed out to meet our friends Christie, Kris, Stephanie, and Eric for a good time.  It was so nice to finally get out of the house after being cooped up in the cold, especially with people as funny as them.  

My friends are so cute, aren't they?

My friend Stephanie makes fun of me because every time we go out, I ask her what she's going to wear.  Usually her answer is boots, jeans, and a sweater.  Saturday, though, we all decided to wear dresses, which is perfect for me because I just happened to have a few dresses I've been waiting to wear (If you knew me in kindergarten, this would come as no surprise to you.  I was actually grounded for a week from wearing dresses at 6 years old because I wore my christmas dress to eat lunch and I spilled food all over it).

My dress is the Home Before Daylight Dress from Lulu's.  I only heard about Lulu's a few months ago, actually, and I wish I had learned about it sooner.  Now I stalk their new arrivals on a weekly basis because I love their clothes.  

I got my jacket in a recent Stitch Fix.  I love Stitch Fix.  I can't say enough good things about it.  

My necklace is the Eye Candy Necklace by Stella & Dot.  

My boots are Chinese Laundry, but I got them a couple years ago.  You can find some that are similar here.  

And I wore tights because it was crazy cold outside.  Those fancy things are from Target.  

The Baseball Wife

T-ball is starting back up again for Blake, and he's pretty excited.  

Since his severe allergic reaction last fall, I will be taking more precautions with food and snacks for him at his games.  I will be asking that nobody open any snacks for him again, and I'll be bringing him his own snacks.

I'm often asked what some safe snacks are for kids with food allergies, so I was thinking I would share a list of Blake's favorite snacks for other parents looking for safe treats.

Snikiddy Mac N Cheese Puffs or Grilled Cheese Puffs
Pirate's Booty
Surf Sweets Gummies
Sun Chips
Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
String Cheese
Austin Brand Zoo Animal Crackers (No other animal crackers are safe that I know of)
Philly Swirl Brand Ice Cups and Popsicles
Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade

Some manufacturers clearly state if a product has peanut or nuts in it while others, it is almost hidden. PLEASE READ THE LABELS, each time you purchase.
Do NOT purchase items with the allergy and ingredient alert such as:
“May Contain Peanut or Tree Nuts”
“Processed on shared equipment with Peanuts or Tree Nuts”
“Manufactured in a plant with Peanut or Tree Nuts”
“Contains Peanut or Tree Nut Ingredients”

Also please note that even if a snack says "Peanut Free" that doesn't mean it's ALL nut free.  Some foods may contain tree nuts that don't contain peanuts and vice-versa.

Here are some examples of labels:

This one lists the ingredients, shows what allergens it contains, and also lists what allergens are processed in the same facility.  Some companies don't share the information on what is processed in the same facility, and I'm wary of those companies.

This is on a jar of pasta sauce.  You wouldn't normally expect someone that's allergic to peanuts to have to avoid tomato sauce, but here you can see why.  My son can't have this pasta sauce.

Notice that this soup is made in a facility that is free of peanuts, but my son is also allergic to tree nuts, so he can't have this soup since it's in a shared facility with them.  This is why it's still important to read all the ingredients even if it says "Peanut Free" on the front when purchasing for a child with nut allergies.  Many kids allergic to peanuts also avoid tree nuts.  

These are just a few examples.  If a company doesn't list what is processed in a shared facility, don't hesitate to call the number listed on the label.  I've been known to stand in the aisle at the grocery store looking up information about companies online, and calling 1-800 numbers.  

Good luck, and I hope this helps those of you looking to buy snacks for food-allergy teammates and classmates! 
The Baseball Wife

As I'm writing this, we are waiting for an ice storm to hit us here in Raleigh-Durham.  Elliot and I are upstairs working on paperwork and we started talking about what it was like last year when a snow storm hit.  We were actually supposed to leave town the morning that it hit to head to spring training in Arizona with the Indians.

We had everything packed up, we barely had any food left in the house, and I got a text the afternoon before we are supposed to leave that our flight has been cancelled.  Not a single snowflake had fallen, but our airline decided to cut us out of their routes for the following day.

We had a minor freak out.  We ran to the store for some milk and food to get by for a few days and called the airline to change our flights.  They wouldn't be able to get us out until later in the week.  It's not ideal when travel gets changed on you, but it happens, and I'd rather it happened while I'm in the comfort of my own house than while I'm stuck at an airport.  

We lived out of our suitcases for a few days, which sounds a lot easier than it is with 3 kids, two of which were only 4 months old.  

The snow fell, and it fell, and it fell. 

It was super pretty, and a totally relaxing sight to look at out our bedroom window while I rocked babies for naps.  There is nowhere to go when it snows in the south, anyway.  We don't have the equipment to deal with it because it really only happens once or twice a year.  

We just enjoyed the extra time before getting into the baseball grind by having neighbors and family over.  There was nothing we could do but slow down for those bonus few days of offseason we got, so we did.

I hope you all enjoy your last few days or hours if you have any left before reporting.  Good luck this spring!  

The Baseball Wife