I'm currently listening to my son, Blake, facetime with Elliot and talk about little league.  I was going through some of the Baseball Wife throwback posts, and this one fit perfectly!  This is a cute short post written by Rachel Eyre, wife to Willie Eyre about watching their son play baseball.  I often tell friends that I miss when Blake was REALLY into baseball.  He would make me watch daddy's games with him and pitch to him each time a batter was pitched to.  He would "run the bases" and talk about "Elliot Johnson" like the announcers did.  Nowadays, he has his own interests, and while he likes baseball, he enjoys the fun with his teammates a little more than the sport itself.  It's still so fun to watch him out there, learning to be on a team, and learning the sport his daddy loves.  It's the best when Elliot is out there coaching with him, watching them hang out on the field together and chat.  Enjoy!

Since Daddy plays baseball, people may think our boys must be so into the sport, right?

But, they dig in the dirt during tee-ball, like the others.

They get bored out there, wishing they could bat.
Hitting is the best part of tee-ball, according to the boys.
{That and drink time.}

They throw the dirt in the air and try to catch it with their glove.

They fall at home plate in an attempt to "slide" into home.

And, they play to impress their dad.

Lately I've been feeling unappreciated.  It's not by anyone in particular, but by everyone all at the same time.  I know I'm being sensitive, but after several moments of feeling inadequate, it starts to eat at me.  

At times, my toughest critics can be my kids.  Being treated like a slave that is there to get water, make food, and buy things for 3 little people can get disheartening, no matter how much you love your kids.

I try to stay positive.  I know that many women would kill to be in my place, to have these great kids, to get to be home with them so much.  But I get tired.  

So tired.  

My day starts at 7 am  most days, and doesn't end until after 10 pm.  

I feel like I'm wasting away in a thankless job.  How does a woman with a Masters Degree feel so worthless at the end of so many days?  Wasn't I once a person that had opinions that others valued, that could have adult conversations, and not be ordered around every day?  

Where did she go?  That woman that was fun, and sunshiney?  The woman that made people around her smile, not yell at her to get them a snack?

I mean, exactly how humble am I supposed to be?  Where does the term "mom" end and "doormat" begin?  Some days it feels like I'm not pleasing anyone at all, not my kids, not my husband, and certainly not myself.

Today was a long day after a very long weekend with my kids.  I found myself counting down the minutes to bed time, willing them to just get tired so that I could sit and relax.  

And I saw a post on facebook from a friend and fellow baseball wife.  She's at home on her own with their baby while her husband is away playing ball.  She has always been a great motivator to me, always stepping in with encouraging words when I couldn't find inspiration in myself.  I wanted to let her know that her work isn't going unnoticed, that we see how hard she is working.

And I remembered this story that I've always loved.  It's by another blogger with an awesome name, Nicole Johnson, at Fresh Brewed Life.  It's the story of the invisible woman, and it reminds me that my work isn't going unnoticed, even on days that it seems like it is.  That each breakfast I make, each kiss I give, each moment of patience when I want to lose it is worthwhile, and I have immense worth.

I just wanted to share the story with my readers.  I know there are times that I need encouragement, and thought I would share some of that with y'all.  Enjoy the story, keep doing what you do, and remember that your work isn't unnoticed.  

The Baseball Wife

"You see all I really need, are some ears to hear me dream."
-The Biggest Man in Los Angeles

This week has been rolling by super fast.  I was pretty worried that spring training would seem so long this year since I wouldn't be with Elliot, but the kids and friends are actually keeping me pretty busy, which is a great thing.  

A fun fact that many don't know about Elliot is that we usually share the same birthday week.  His birthday is on March 9 and mine is March 11.  When we adopted our dog, Baxter, we were told that his birthday was sometime in March, so we decided March 10 would be the perfect day for his birthday, as well.  

My week started out with phone calls on Monday to Elliot to wish him happy birthday, including some singing from Blake for his daddy.

On Tuesday, I met some of my neighbor friends at a charter school lottery which none of us were even remotely close to getting into.  We decided we should go to dinner that night with our kids.  6 kids, 3 adults, Mellow Mushroom.  It was a mess, but it was fun.  At least we went to a pizza place and we were in the outdoor dining where our kids could scream without bothering surrounding tables too much.  It's nice to have women in the neighborhood that have husbands that travel, too.  I was worried I would be all alone here and all my friends would always be enjoying dinners with their husbands and families every night, but it's been the opposite.  I haven't been alone at all, and if it takes a village to raise a kid, my village has been extremely supportive so far this season.  

Wednesday I took my daughters to Rise to get donuts with me.  I decided at the beginning of the day that I was going to eat basically whatever I wanted all day, because if you can't do that on your birthday, when can you?  So donuts for breakfast, a ton of chips and salsa with lunch, and I topped it all off with Olive Garden for dinner including breadsticks and alfredo sauce.  Yes, friends that worked with me at the OG in college, I still eat the alfredo sauce even though I know it's terrible for me and full of (delicious) fat.  

My sister Ashley and my friend Maddie came to dinner with me and then we went to see Andy Grammer at Lincoln Theater in downtown Raleigh.  

It was a pretty good show.  I saw his ring flash when he was singing, and I found myself wondering about his wife and what her lifestyle must be like.  I feel like this is a weird side effect of being married to someone in the public eye.  

I have these thoughts run through my head pretty regularly when I think of wives of athletes, musicians, celebrities, and anyone else in the public eye.  
I wonder what his wife is like.
I wonder if she travels with him.  That must be hard since he goes to a new town almost every night.
I wonder if they have kids.
I wonder if she is like me.
Does she cry for his triumphs and setbacks?
Is she SO proud that he's singing in front of this big crowd like I am when Elliot walks out in front of a packed house?

Do you ever think of what the families are like of people you see in the public eye?   Or do you feel like they seem separate from normal life?  

The Baseball Wife

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