Monday, May 17, 2010

To Career or Not To Career

Written by Marissa Kloess, Wife to Brandon Kloess

I too have struggled with figuring out whether to have a career or travel with husband, although, Brandon didn’t get a signing bonus making the decision a lot easier. When Brandon was picked up, I transferred within the company I work for from commission only job with little security, but possibly a greater pay off to a smaller salary position. I thought I would live in our home base and travel to see Brandon on weekends. This proved easier in theory than in practice.

Apparently, I was unaware of quite how far Montana was from Florida, how expensive flights are and how many vacations I actually had! During our first year of marriage Brandon and I were apart longer than we were married. This year has proven to be more difficult than the last and my want to move where Brandon is has increased. Like Nicole, I interviewed for several jobs in the area where my husband is currently with little luck. I even interviewed for my dream job. I mean look in the dictionary and next to Marissa’s dream job is this job. (Hanesbrands Inc.)

During the interview I was asked what was bringing me to the area and I said my husband’s career. After being asked what he did (and telling the truth) my interview seemed slightly shorter than I was expecting. The interviewer knew she liked me and that I was perfect for the job, but the fear that after the season was over I would leave weighed heavily on her decision. Did I mention this was my dream job? I so wouldn’t have left after the season! We would have moved our home base there. Living and working in the offseason from this location.

The woman whom interviewed me even wrote me an email after explaining that it wasn't that I didn't get the job, but that her fear was me moving there and not staying. I completely get it. Who wants to hire someone who might leave with little or no warning? It’s a difficult choice to make. I still felt very strongly that I could make this transition work. Much to my dismay it just wasn’t going to.

I am though, very grateful to have a job and beyond blessed to have a husband who supports my career. I feel our relationship has grown stronger with the distance and it definitely makes us appreciate the time that we do spend together much more. I also have an amazing support system that helps me every day. Living apart is definitely not for the faint of heart! It takes a lot of Faith and trust, but it can be done.

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