Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boredom During Road Trips

Written by Shelly Ruggiano, Wife to Justin Ruggiano

When Justin and I started dating I lived and worked in Dallas, TX and would just visit him during the season. Of course, I only came when he was in town and would go back to Texas for their road trips. My trips to Durham and Tampa were amazing. We would go out on tons of dates, I met new people, went to the beach, went to the bars, shopped, slept in, and enjoyed watching Justin play. I felt like I was living the dream! When I would fly back home I felt so sad, I hated missing Justin and I did not want to be back in reality…working. Eventually, we missed each other too much and we decided that I would move to Durham and not miss one minute.

In my head I thought my life with Justin would be like all the trips I had made previously, every day. A vacation every single day…perfect! The first home stand was just that. Perfect. I was living with Justin, loving every minute. But then the first road trip came, and it was ten days long. Ten days thousands of miles away from family and friends, in a new city, lost all the time, no internet, and bored out of my mind.

So I slept, watched every girly movie, laid out, talked to our dog as if he was a human all day long, did my nails, worked out, read Cosmo. Repeat. I was beyond bored and feeling sorry for myself. This was not what I had anticipated when I quit my job to move here! I felt "stuck" in Durham by myself while Justin was on the road having a great time with the guys. Needless to say, i was pouting. I had to get creative, I knew that I had to figure something out if I was going to survive these road trips. I started looking for a part time job, meeting the other girlfriends and wives, and planning out my days.

Four seasons later, I still dread road trips. However, I can handle them much better now. Not only do I have a little sidekick with me, our ten month old son, but I also plan the days out so I am never bored. I make sure I have something on the agenda for every day they are gone, I join a gym, and look up the church services. I also depend a lot on the other women here, you truly become a family! I hate the nights away, but I love the night that Justin finally comes home. I always make sure that I have something in the oven, the apartment is spotless, and I even do my hair and make-up! I treat it like a date night and we celebrate him being back home!

I chuckle when I think about my ideas of what life would be like when I moved across the country for Justin. Visiting a baseball player and marrying/living with a baseball player are two completely different things! I wouldn't trade the time we do get together for anything! But the road trips, I could do without.


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