Welcome (back) to The Life of the Baseball Wife!  

This blog has undergone a whole makeover, and I thought it would be best to introduce myself to those that are just checking my blog out for the first time.  I also thought I would catch up with my wonderful readers that have been around since this blog started in 2010 (woah, 4 years ago!)

I'm Nicole Johnson.  I'm married to a professional baseball player, Elliot.  He's played in the minor leagues and the major leagues over the course of our marriage, most notably with the Rays, Royals, Braves, and Indians.  We move, a lot, as Elliot's main role is that of a utility player, often filling in holes where there are injuries and days off for the everyday players.  I'm beyond proud of my husband and I love to watch him play, but that's not what interests me most about him.  I think he's fun, passionate and funny, and I love spending time with him.

We have 3 kids.  Our first is Blake, a rough and tumble boy that loves to go play on the field or run around in the clubhouse every time he gets a chance.  Blake has food allergies, and we have been learning to navigate peanut and tree nut allergies since he was diagnosed with them just before he turned 2.  It can be tricky when we travel, but we are getting better at it all the time.  

We also have twin baby girls that were born during the playoffs in October 2013.  Talk about a surprise!  We planned on having a second baby when Blake was good at traveling, so it would be an easy transition.  We were very surprised at my first doctor appointment when we saw two heartbeats on the ultrasound.  I had them early, at 33 weeks, after driving myself to the hospital about a week earlier.  The girls are a lot of work and a lot of laughs.  

We also have a dog, Baxter.  We adopted him from a shelter the first year we were married.  He is our first baby and loves to play fetch and snuggle any chance he gets.  

We live in North Carolina in the offseason.  We moved there the first year we were married and fell in love with it.  We have a great set of friends and family there that we miss all season long.  We love our home, and enjoy lighting bonfires in our backyard in the fall.  

During spring training, I was thinking about how I don't really have lots of "baseball" stories to share like I once did.  It's not that baseball isn't part of my life, it's just that preschool drop off, little league, and taking care of twins is so much of my life, as well.  So, this blog is turning the page.  While you will still find stories by me and other baseball wives here and there, you'll also find posts about life with twins, life with a 4 year old, fashion, and some of my favorite things.  

What brings you to my blog?  What changes are you excited to read about?  I'm really looking forward to sharing with you! 

The Baseball Wife


  1. Congratulations on the new blog! I love it. I am not sure when or how I found your blog, but my husband is with the Indians too! Funny that you say y'all live in Raleigh in the off season, because thats where we are this season! I feel like we need to chat!


  2. Your friends and neighbors in NC miss you and the kiddos too! Can't wait till the off season. Really looking forward to following life on the new blog :)

  3. I'm a fellow blogger and am also a baseball fan... I can't remember how I initially found your blog but glad to see you back writing again and look forward to following along :)

  4. This post is in the perfect place for me just finding you! Your family sounds darling. And your husband has done so much! Excited to follow along.