I spent this past weekend back at my parents house in Fort Wayne.  We drove over the last day of the homestand during the game, and made it there in record time.  Our nanny at the time, Carlee rode along with us and helped out on the drive there.  She has a niece that was just diagnosed with cancer and left us on Saturday to take a break at home, and then join her brother, his wife, and their two kids to help out while Malina gets treatments.  We were sad to see her go, but we understand that it was important that she be there for her brother.  

Since she was leaving Saturday, my parents wanted to go to dinner with just me while she watched the kids Friday.  So I got to dress up a little and go have adult conversation at one of my most favorite restaurants in town, Casa.  

I recently got to go do a little shopping with Elliot, and this shirt is one of the things I picked out.  The shopping adventure was a little bit of a late birthday present for me, and I got to enjoy myself in the Anthropologie while we were on a road trip in Detroit.  I saw this white shirt in the window, and being a sucker for just about anything white, knew it was one of the pieces I wanted to get.  

I had been wanting to rock this shirt since I got it, so dinner without the kids sounded like a great time to throw it on.  I wore it with some Joe's jeans and some sweet Schutz pumps I got this winter.  Seriously, black and white chevron- they scream "wear me!!" every time I go into my closet.  

I finished my outfit off with a black Velvet by Graham and Spencer jacket I actually bought when I was pregnant.  I was at Pea in a Pod on a road trip to Chicago last summer, and it was unseasonably cold.  I loved the jacket when I saw it on the mannequin.  I liked it so much that I knew I'd still want to wear it after I had the twins, so I felt that my purchase was justified.  It was a great buy,  I wear it all the time.  

I accessorized with one of my favorite necklaces from Noonday Collection, and an arrow bracelet from Stella & Dot.

We had a great time out that night, enjoying some wine, sitting in the bar at the restaurant, and consuming way too much salad and pasta.  It was a great night out, and so fun to get to go be an adult and not just a mommy for a few hours.

I feel like you can't go wrong with a black & white color combo.  What's your go to color choice for a night out?  

The Baseball Wife

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