Today was my first full day with the twins and Blake without another adult in the house with me.  Up until now, I have either had Elliot, my parents, or one of our nannies with me at some point every day.  It all actually started yesterday.  My parents live in Fort Wayne, IN.  It's a good 3 1/2 hour drive from where we reside in Cleveland this season.  I loaded up the kids and our dog Baxter with the help of my mom and jumped in the truck to make the trek back to Cleveland.  The trip went ok, aside from one little meltdown from Hazel, but I expected worse.  

My night was long, with the girls going down at 7, but Blake not going to bed until 11 (he's used to baseball schedule).  Skylar woke up for a bottle at 1, Hazel at 2.  Hazel then decided she wanted to party and didn't fall asleep until 2:45.  At 6:45 am, Skylar was ready for her day.  Cue the Keurig, or as I like to call it, my best friend.  Hazel wasn't far behind, and my Pike Place Roast took a whole 45 seconds to brew.  

I got the girls fed, and Blake's breakfast made.  I woke Blake up and started rounding everything up to get him to preschool.  We finally made it to school at 9 am after some screaming and some crying.  

The rest of the morning went great!  I got the downstairs all clean, I made lunch, and I decided I had over an hour before I needed to pick Blake up, and the girls had been fed, so perfect time for a shower. In case you were wondering, there is no perfect time for a shower when you have twins if your standards are not being screamed at while you shower.  I should have waited til after bed time.  

We finally got over to Blake's preschool, and I decided it would be insane fun to  go to Target.  When Elliot would go on road trips without Blake and I, we used to go play in the toy aisles and shop around at Target.  How bad could it be?

So, I rolled along, pushing the double snap and go, and pulling the cart.  I got lots of looks, I was asked if I needed help, and one woman was even nice enough to comment on how much sugar she assumed my 4 year old consumed because he was running around me.  She was a real gem.  

We took our time, and each of the girls had a bottle while we were there.  When we got home, I realized that Skylar had totally pooped through all her clothes and all over her carseat.  Awesome.  

The day finished off with dinner for everyone, baths for everyone, lots of screaming from two tired babies, and a little boy that is still running laps around the house.  Seriously, he's making me use the stopwatch app on the iPad to time him.  

So, I made it through the day (so far).  We're all breathing, and nobody is currently crying.  I'll count that one as a win in my book.  ;)

If you have twins, what's your night time routine?  Is it the same everyday no matter what?  

The Baseball Wife

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