For this Favorite Things Friday, I want to share my most favorite flats: tieks.

I just ordered a new pair in fuchsia for summer and they got here this week! 

So cute, huh?  This isn't my first pair, I actually own several.  I bought my first pair a couple years ago and fell in love.  These little ballet flats fold up into themselves, perfect for the traveling we do in baseball life.  They are great for getting around town, too.  I have walked all around cities like San Fancisco all day in tieks and not had any foot or back pain.  I have folded them up after wearing them to walk to dinner with my friend in NYC and then slipped on my pumps when we arrived at our destination.  I have brought several pairs on the road, all folded up, barely taking any space in my suitcase.  

These shoes are also great for my mom-on-the-go lifestyle right now.  I like to look put together, even if it's just to hit up the grocery store.  It doesn't always happen, but for the most part, it does.  Wearing cute flats like these help me considerably.  It's so easy to just throw them on and head out the door.  I feel that they compliment my style very well.

When you order tieks, they really like to make sure your experience is great.  They ship super fast and they come in these super cute boxes.  

Perfect for gifting right?  Inside the box is also a little bag to store your tieks in when you throw them in your purse.  

And one of the funnest parts about the look of tieks is....

the bottom of the shoes are super cute too!  The bottoms are totally the reason that you can wear these around all day without foot pain.  They are super stable and really take the comfort up a notch.  And who doesn't love that color blue?  

I totally recommend every girl go out and treat yourself to a pair of these.  I promise that they will last and you will thank me for it later.  

The Baseball Wife

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  1. These are adorable. I am in love with my TB flats but they aren't super comfortable until they are reallllly worn in. Might have to take the plunge and try a new brand!