Today proved to be a milestone for me.  But first, let's talk about my new lipstick.  It's called Lucky and it's by Dior.  

Every now and then, I like to venture into Sephora and try a gazillion lipsticks on my hand to see which one of the beauties I feel like buying that day.  For the last year, I'm pretty sure I have loved the look of this particular color, but every dang time I go to buy it, they are out of stock in the store.  

Not so lucky huh?  

Well I went to the mall last weekend and made my little stop in Sephora and went about my lipstick testing, and couldn't believe it when I saw that my favorite color was actually in stock!   I snatched it up, and I was super excited to get to wear it today.  Seemed like a good plan since I ended up venturing out with all the kids on my own.  

You'll also notice that in that picture is me, in the car, with all three kids.  By myself.  

Now, this isn't anything new, but spending the entire afternoon out of the house with all three of them by myself is.  

I originally planned on taking Blake to childcare today.  Our favorite place was closed for some reason, though.  He was pretty disappointed, as was I.  I was planning on hitting up Home Goods, the mall, and Super Target with just the twins while he played, and then scooping him up after.  

I told Blake where we were going, and he decided he was cool with it after I bribed him with the chance to get a toy.  So, into Home Goods I rolled with a stroller holding two babies and a 4 year old.  I lost count of how many people told me "you've got your hands full!"  Blake ended up picking out a toy rake, which he carried through the store as incentive to be good.  He was good and helpful, and he loved stopping to check out (sit in each of) the chairs they had out for sale.  

Each of the twins decided it would be a good time to get hungry while we were there, but they can't hold their own bottles yet.  I recently had the bright idea that I should get some slings to hold the bottles when the twins are in their baby carriers.  They worked like a charm.  I totally recommend these things to any mom of multiples that is trying to get out and get things done.  I made their bottles, but them in the slings, and the girls basically fed themselves!  Amazing!  

After Home Goods, we ventured over to the mall.  First stop was obviously the play area.  

Blake ran around with other kids and the girls hung out with me, deciding whether they wanted to take naps.  

I could tell Blake was starting to get tired, but I wanted to hit up West Elm before we left.  Blake had a serious meltdown in there when I told him that he could not climb into the display beds and take a nap.  He yelled at me that he was angry, and turned into a hot mess.  I hightailed it out of there and then  let him throw some coins into the fountain that I promised we would do.  

We saddled back into the car, and I knew before we even got to that point that Super Target was going to have to wait for another day.  Before we even made it onto the freeway, all three kiddos were asleep and I was stuck listening to the frozen dvd by myself.  

I would say today was definitely a step in the right direction.  The kids are starting to get used to going places all together, and I'm getting used to the time it takes to make stops with all of them (much longer than with just one kid, a million times longer than when it's just me all by myself).  

I'm exhausted from our little outing, but luckily, all of them were pretty exhausted, too.  

What are your tips and tricks for getting multiples out of the house and around town?  

The Baseball Wife

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  1. You go mama! Are y'all back down in Raleigh now?!