Ever notice how little kids seem to grow out of everything at once?  I swear, when Blake grows out of a shirt, he grows out of his whole closet.  When he outgrows a pair of jeans, I have to buy him several pairs because they all suddenly don't fit.  

Same goes for shoes.  As we made the trip from Cleveland back to Raleigh, I swear Blake's feet outgrew nearly every pair of shoes he has.  

Everyone has their style thing that they love.  Elliot has always been into his shoes, I've always been into handbags.  Blake takes after his dad and loves shoes too.  Blake likes it when I take him shoe shopping at the mall, and he likes it when new shoes arrive at our door, so he was pretty excited when over two days a few pairs of shoes showed up at our house.  

Our first arrival included a blue pair of Sauconys and a black pair of Nikes.  He wore both pairs in the next day, playing outside with friends.  

The next day, the rest of our sweet picks arrived.  He got to check out a pair of red Adidas, a grey pair of Nikes, and a blue pair of Converse.  He was even more pumped, and has literally worn every single pair in the short time since he's gotten them.  

Elliot has a deal with Nike, so Elliot was in charge of picking out the black and grey Nikes you see.  The rest of the pairs I picked out from Nordstrom online. 

Hopefully Blake is set until the next big growth spurt that comes along.  He loves his new shoes and loves showing them off.  

Where do you like to shop for shoes for your kiddos?  
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