This past week has been a bit of a blur.  

Last weekend, Elliot got designated for assignment by the Indians.  This isn't our first designation, so we knew to start packing and waiting to hear if we would be going to another major league team or a minor league team.  My parents drove over to help with the kids while we packed everything up, and we hit the road a few days later back to our house in North Carolina.  

The packing and the loading up of the cars and the driving all blur together.  I can't even remember what day we drove home, but it was in the afternoon one day, landing us at home around midnight.  

The next morning, Blake was SO excited to wake up in "the North Carolina House" and see his swing set waiting outside.  

We had a great time playing outside most of the day, and didn't really bother with putting much away.  We had family and friends over, we grilled out, and we had a bonfire that night.  

When you first get back to your home after being away from it for a while, it's so euphoric.  My bed!  My house!  My backyard!  Maybe it's because it's your stuff, or maybe it's that it's one of the few constants we have in this lifestyle.  

Reality set in when Elliot was told he cleared waivers.  We were disappointed, but hope isn't lost.  This is part of the game, and we understand that.  It's not the end, even though sometimes it feels like it when things don't go the way they are planned.  We can't all be long term contract players, though.  Some players are meant to fill in the voids that are caused by injuries and days off, and that's ok.  For now, there isn't a place for Elliot in the big leagues, but we are confident that there will be a place for him up there again soon.  

For now, Elliot is playing for the Columbus Clippers, the AAA affiliate of the Indians and we are still just as proud of him as we are when he's on a big league field.  

The Baseball Wife

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