A couple weekends ago, the Clippers were playing the Charlotte Knights.  With Elliot there for a 4 game series, and a day off after, I loaded up the kids and we made the 2 1/2 hour trip over there to see him.  

I have no clue how on earth I packed everything up the day before, but I did it.  I packed coordinating outfits for the girls in large ziplocs so that I knew how many outfits I had and so Elliot knew what went with what.

I packed up Blake's stuff, too, and all together the three kids took up a large and medium sized suitcase (plus some larger things), and I took up a carry-on for our 4 day trip.  It's amazing how much you realize that you don't need after you've already packed up 3 other people.

We drove down that Saturday and met Elliot at the hotel and had lunch with him.  After he went to the field, the twins went down for a nap and I got ready for the game.  I figured that first night was as good as any to try to take the kids all to the game on my own, since two of the games were going to be day games (hot).

This is the only picture there is of me, because I was pretty much the photographer the rest of the night. 

By the time we finished our half mile walk to the field, it was nearly game time, so we got our tickets and rushed in to go see Elliot.

I scooped up both the girls and walked down all the stairs to the bullpen area with Blake in tow as well.    I'm sure it was quite a sight to see.

We wished daddy good luck, and I grabbed the twins back out of his arms and took them up the stairs and placed them back in their stroller.

They did well for a little while, but they aren't much like their brother when it comes to sleeping on-the-go.  While he has always been capable of taking full naps in cars, strollers, stadium chairs, airplanes, you name it, they prefer to be in their cribs and on their bellies to sleep.  They will catnap in a stroller but you're not going to get more than probably 45 minutes out of them. 

Since their bedtime is typically between 6:30 and 8, you can imagine how the rest of my night went.  I tried to convince Blake to walk back to the hotel, but he wasn't having it.  Poor kid hasn't been to a baseball game in a while, and he misses it.  So, he agreed to take laps with me around the field since movement tends to help calm the girls down a little.  

He also proceeded to eat two bowls of dippin dots.  I'm not going to say I'm proud of that, but I'm also not going to say I would do it any other way.  He was the happy kid, and I intended to keep it that way.

After the game, we made it downstairs to wait for Elliot with the other families on the home team, and the girls had a super awesome meltdown for everyone to see.  I got to hold them both and bounce them while we waited for Elliot to shower.  Thankfully, he was super quick and even sent a nice teammate out to come get Blake and bring him into the clubhouse.  

That was the last game we attended of the trip, but we found other fun things to do in town.  

The Baseball Wife


  1. I love dippin dots. Entirely too much and I had to wait a few years to eat them after I got a bad batch at Kings dominion and visited the trash can often. haha

  2. Sounds like you had your hands full, but I admire your dedication to seeing Elliot play!! When they play the Tides, let me know if you plan on coming!