One of the days we were in Charlotte with Elliot, we all decided to grab lunch and hit up Discovery Place.  We had passed by it on our way to dinner the night before and Elliot thought it would be really cool to check it out.

Discovery Place is this pretty neat family-friendly museum with a kids area, lots of science learning, a rainforest, and an imax theater.  We walked through the whole place, and spent most of our time in the kid zone.  

The kids zone was this cool, bright area that had a big water table, this huge set of tubes that you could redirect wind through, instruments, gears, and even a little baby area.  

Hazel and Skylar liked it so much, they decided to take a selfie to commemorate their fun time, obviously.  

I don't know how much other parents of multiples encounter this, but Elliot and I often have to play a game I like to call "avoiding eye contact" with several people when we are out with the twins.  We had to do this most of the time we were at that museum.  

Often times, I can feel us being stared at, and in an effort to avoid having a complete stranger ask me all the questions they feel they need answers to about my family, I have to keep my eyes away from them so they get the hint that I don't want to talk.  This is especially true when I'm trying to run errands.  I have been followed around by people before that keep asking me questions when I'm just trying to buy a few things at the store and get out before the twins (or Blake) have a meltdown.  

Now I don't mind if someone wants to say "oh are they twins?  They are cute" or something small like that.  I realize that I'm a superhuman that was super efficient at making people.  I realize that they are seen as special.  However, I don't like being followed around bath and body works the whole time I'm just trying to buy a candle by some lady that wants to know if my twins are "natural," and being told all these stories about some other twins she knows of (I can't make this stuff up).

If you have multiples, do you find yourself avoiding eye contact with strangers when you're out with them?  

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