A couple weeks ago, I had an afternoon away from the kids and decided to peruse through the Crate and Barrel at the mall here.  I love their kitchen area.  I love to walk through and think of all the juicing I would do and the paninis I would make with their fancy gadgets.  

And then I saw this.  Helloooooo gorgeous.  

Being a sucker for all things baking, I knew I had to have this gem.  She was coming home with me, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  

I've never cooked in a bundt pan before, and I didn't know much about it.  I decided to try a pound cake first.  I just bought a mix at the store and whipped it up and threw it in the oven.  What came out was a masterpiece.  

How do you even cut into something so beautiful?  Well, I did cut into it, and it was delish.  I even added some strawberries to the top so my son Blake and I could really enjoy it.  

Fast forward a few days, there was still a lot of cake left this morning, because I mean, I can't eat a whole cake by myself (well, I probably could).  So, I decided we might as well try to make some french toast out of it.  Why not?  I cut it into slices and prepared an egg mixture for dipping.

To make the dip, I used 2 large eggs, a splash of milk, about a tsp of cinnamon and a tsp of vanilla.  

I dipped the bundt cake slices in, and then threw them onto a pan I sprayed with pam on medium-low heat on my stovetop.

What came out was the most glorious french (cake) toast I've ever had.  I threw some bananas on, too, so it looked almost healthy, and Blake and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast.  

Since I was only making this for Blake and I, I wrapped up the extra slices and put them in the freezer, in case we want to have it again some time.  I totally recommend this, though, if you're feeding a bigger family.  A little goes a long way!  

This is also a great alternative for us to trips to breakfast or donut shops.  With Blake's nut allergies, we can't go to a lot of bakeries, so most donuts are actually out of the question for us.  It's nice to get to have a treat at home every now and then, though.... and really, that cake was like a big donut anyway, wasn't it?  
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