Yesterday, I took the kiddos to a trampoline park near our house so Blake could get some energy out.  

He loves this place.  He gets to jump on trampolines for an hour and play dodgeball with other kids, too.  As we were walking in, there was another little boy going in at the same time and I knew Blake would make an instant friend.  So I parked my bus stroller on the side of the wall and had a seat and watched Blake bouncing around the room, thinking about how excited I was that he was actually going to go to bed before 10 pm tonight.  

After the trampoline park, we hit up the grocery store and then headed home. 

I thought that since this is an average day for us, I'd share what I would wear out for a day like this.  

Here's me, on a random Tuesday, ready to take the kids out for some fun and some errands.  I wore a top I got at Anthropologie in 2012 (or maybe even 2011), that I love.  I have a flute figure, so I tend to go for peplum tops a lot, as you'll notice if you follow my WIWW posts.  I love the look of peplums because they tend to hit me right in the right places.  And if a shape works, I say go for it as often as you can.  

I paired my top with some hudson skinnies that I got from Piperlime a few weeks ago when my one size up pants that I'd been wearing for months were finally too big.  I'm back in my prepregnancy size of jeans people!  Woo hoo!  Celebrate!!

I threw on my summery tieks with it because they are easy to get around in, perfect for a trampoline park visit and a stroll around a grocery store with 3 kids.  

I finished it all off with my fave Tory Burch gold earrings and my Noonday Collection necklace.  

I also tried something else with my eyeliner today.  I have been seeing a lot of actresses wearing brighter eyeliner, and while I can't pull off super bright eyeliner with my light blue eyes, I did layer it under my usual dark blue eyeliner.  I liked how it made the color pop a little more.  I'm no makeup expert, but I like to try new things every now and then.  

Also, since it's right there, shout out to my awesome husband and kids for the super cute phone case they got me for Mother's day!  Don't you love it??  

I read a blog post this week by a stay at home mom that showed pictures of her house in it's usual disarray to show what it's like to be a stay at home mom, and since I was taking pictures of my outfit today, I thought I'd share when Skylar wanted to get in on the pictures.  

This isn't a rare occurrence in my house.  I usually have to take several takes of a picture to get all my kids out of a picture, but I love looking back at them and laughing at what they are often doing in the background.  To be honest, most of the time when I'm trying on clothes, it looks more like this:

Blake is almost always in the background of my pictures, and someone almost always wants to be held or carried, and I'm often in no makeup without my hair done when I'm just hanging out at the house, to be honest.  This was taken a couple weeks ago when I was going through bins of pre-pregnancy clothes to see what fit, what was close to fitting, and what wasn't anywhere near close.  I think Blake was just hanging out with me while I went through clothes, and Skylar woke up early from her nap and wanted me to carry her that day.  

What does it look like in your house when you're trying on clothes?  Do your little ones ever hang by when you're getting ready?

The Baseball Wife

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  1. Oh my are so funny! You have got yourself WAAAAY more together than I ever did as a young mom and a young baseball wife! What a fun blog...Holy Cow girl, where do you find the time!
    Awesome job..keep it up!