Elliot and I have my sister and her fiancé watch the kids once a week for us so we can go out on a date.  Typically, they pick weeknights for us to get out, but Blake had a little league game this past week when we were originally scheduled.  We asked them to do a different day, and to our surprise, Ashley offered us Friday night.  

We've never been the type to turn down a Friday night out on the town, so we started thinking about where we'd like to go.  

I told Elliot that my friend, Maddie (my favorite foodie, and an awesome person) had taken me to this awesome place called Tazza about a month ago and I'd love to take him there if he was game for trying something new.  He looked up the menu, and I made him aware of the amazing goat cheese dip that they have as an appetizer.  He was sold.  

Located in the heart of Cameron Village, this little gem is definitely becoming one of my favorite spots in Raleigh.  It's not super big, and it's one of four locations, originally starting in Richmond, VA.  We put our name in with the host and made our way to the bar to check out the craft beers and yummy wines.  

I enjoyed a Sauvignon Blanc (my fave) and Elliot tried two different beers, one was a scotch ale from a brewery near the triangle and the other was a marzen type.  I'm not big on the flavors and such of beers, I know I like wheat beers, and lots of other beers, and I don't like the kind that taste like you're licking a postage stamp.  I know my wine a bit, though, and mine was good.  

We enjoyed the amazing goat cheese appetizer I told y'all about, and some cauliflower that was cooked with red onion, cheese and mint.  For dinner, Elliot had a pasta dish and I had a salad with Chicken.  

We enjoyed the atmosphere and conversation, and then we got tired and decided it was time to head back to the house.  

I guess we are turning into those old folks.  :)  I sure do love a good night out with this man, though.  How was your weekend?  

The Baseball Wife

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