Well hello, offseason.  You swooped in and got me to finally let loose. 

It's about time, really.

I've been in serious need of a few good Friday nights.

My first fun Friday was actually not in the offseason, quite yet.  It was in the AAA post season.  Elliot's team, the Columbus Clippers, ended up playing the Durham Bulls in the first round of the playoffs!  The Clippers had two games at home and then made their way right down to our hometown.  

I was so pumped to bring the twins to their very first game at the DBAP.  If you don't know much of our history, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park was our home for 4 seasons.  That's pretty much unheard of in AAA baseball.  Not only did they take care of us during the season, they also took care of us in the offseason.  We stayed in Durham for the offseasons, and Elliot found a home giving lessons to local kids at the ballpark.  This place treats us like family.

So, getting to watch Elliot come back and play here was like homecoming.  I couldn't wait to see our friends at the ballpark, and I was so excited to get to cheer for Elliot at home again.  Sharing a night with our daughters like I did with our son when he was their age was a definite highlight.

To top the game off, we were even in for fireworks after the game.  We got to watch from the dugout with Elliot.  Blake, Hazel, & Skylar really enjoyed the fireworks and we finished off the night by watching Blake run the bases over and over and over.

Sadly for the Clippers, they lost the series 3-1 the next day during the game.  As soon as I found out the game that Saturday was a day game, though, I knew I had to get a little surprise in store for Elliot and I.  I jumped on stub hub and found some tickets to see Jason Aldean, one of my faves, play at Walnut Creek in Raleigh.

We enjoyed a night of dinner, tailgating, and singing along to great country music with friends.  It was the perfect way to welcome the offseason.

Gosh, I've missed this man.  Spending the majority of the season away from him was so hard.  I'm so happy to have my best friend back.

Friday #2 was the night of my sister's engagement party.  Elliot and I left the kids and grabbed a couple wine bottles to head over to the home of their friends, Rachael and Danny.  There was a delicious wine punch, a deli food truck, and an engagement ring shaped cake for all.  The party was complete with basketball games, blackjack, flippy cup, and all around ridiculousness.  

My family and I partook in a hilarious photo shoot.  I don't think we got a single "normal" picture.  My sister and I are attempting the "prom" pose here.  

Friday #3 was a great girls night out.  I hit up West End Wine Bar in Durham with several of my girlfriends where we enjoyed cocktails, pizza, and appetizers on the mezzanine.  The food and drinks were great, the company was  even better.  We made friends with the man that busses the tables, and he made us uncomfortable when he took our picture with his phone.  I can't make this stuff up.  

Before he opted to take a picture for his own personal use, he did snap one for us to commemorate the night.  

Don't you just love to get dolled up and go enjoy a night with friends?  I know I do.  We remembered to take a picture a little late, and we didn't get about half the girls in the picture because they had already gone home.  Next time, we'll have to remember before everyone leaves!  

Friday #4 is actually this Friday.  Elliot and I have a date!  We are undecided as to where, but we have some ideas.  I'm looking forward to spending another weekend night with him (I know those of you with kids and those of you in baseball know how hard it is to get a Friday night out).  

How is your fall going?  Any suggestions for our night out on the town this weekend?  

The Baseball Wife

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