Usually when the baseball season is over for Elliot, I tend to shut out sports for a while.  Exhausted from the roller coaster that is our life during the season, I need a break.  Typically it's a couple weeks after he's done, I don't want to talk about it much, I don't want to hear about it much, I don't want to watch it.  

What kind of baseball fan am I?  I'm not actually a baseball fan.  I'm a fan of Elliot.  He loves to play baseball, and he plays it well, and I cheer for him because I love him and he's my husband.  I want for his career what he wants for his career because that's what makes him happy.  

I'm a fan of his friends and teammates that he's made along the way.  I get to know their families, their kids play with my kids, we celebrate holidays and birthdays together as a family all our own through the season.  I care about these people, I try to keep in touch in between chasing kids and preschool drop off and pick up line.  

This year's playoffs have piqued my interest the most since 2008 when the Rays went to the World Series.  That year, it was so fun to watch the team that Elliot had been part of earlier that season make it all the way to the final series because I knew those people and I knew their families.  

Many of the players on the field this World Series played with the Royals last year and they were Elliot's teammates.  Their families took us in as their own last year after our trade with Wade and James.  We enjoyed dinners and get togethers with the kids over the few months we were with that team last year.  I went to Bible study with the wives, and they were some of the first people to know that I was expecting twins.  

I feel that knowing the families of those on the field, seeing them as dads and husbands, as people I've hung out with, people who have hung out with my son in the clubhouse, I have a vested interest in how they do in this series.  When I was exhausted with my pregnancy, their wives offered me help and babysitters.  We all traveled together and often dined together.  

I have a love/hate relationship with the final game of a series.  I LOVE to watch the winning team celebrate.  I feel like I'm watching a bunch of 7 year olds celebrate.  This is their dream, and it's so fun to watch someone accomplish the dream they have had since they were children.  I hope to get to watch the husbands of my friends celebrate tonight.  I'll feel a little sad that Elliot isn't out there with them as he felt so much a part of that team last year, but I'll be happy for those that have worked hard for this.  

I HATE when the cameras turn to the losing team's dugout.  It breaks my heart.  As they sit there watching the other team celebrate, it's unbearable to see them.  It's even worse when they interview them after.  I wish that they wouldn't even show the losing team after, but I guess it's important to note how they feel as well.  It just bothers me that it doesn't seem to be in a manner that is sympathetic to what they are going through.  If this happens to Elliot's former team, I'll likely have to walk away from the TV as I won't want to watch this being taken away from them.  

Tonight will decide the champions of the 2014 season.  Crazy how it all comes down to one game.  Which team are you hoping to see win?  

The Baseball Wife

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