On Monday, Hazel & Skylar turned 1.  It's hard to believe that they made their debut a year ago.  The days have been long, but this year has gone fast.  

To celebrate, we threw their first birthday party the Sunday before and invited some close family and friends to come celebrate and enjoy some cake and goodies with us.  

My parents stayed in town after having watched the kids for our little trip to La Jolla, CA, and they were super helpful in assisting me in party preparations.  

I come by my knack for party throwing honestly.  My mom has always loved to throw a good party, and so did her mom.  I am a detail oriented person, and I love to put together all the decor for parties.  

I started scouring Etsy back in July, with big plans for this party.  I threw a great big get-together for Blake's first birthday, and while I wanted to have a smaller party this time, I still wanted to really get the decor all done up.

I have roughly 700 secret pinterest boards.  Maybe not 700, but at least 17.  One of them was where I put together everything I bought for the twins birthday party.  I totally recommend to anyone throwing a party that they have one board for ideas, and one that actually has the stuff they buy and make for the party.  

I brought the picnic table in from our patio and covered it, and many other tables with eggplant colored tablecloths.  I got out a lot of my cake stands and domes (I have a cake stand collecting problem), and loved setting up all the treats for our guests.  I wrapped the wine bottles with some tinsel twine, and the water bottles with duct tape (I'm not kidding).  

I have found that sticking with color schemes (rather than a theme) for a party makes the most of your decor because you can use it again and again.  For the girls party, I wanted to have hot pink, light pink, dark purple, gold and hints of blue.  I think it turned out great.  I had some light appetizers on hand, and the most delicious cake you've ever had from Sugarland (my absolute fave local bakery).

I would also like to note that since my son has nut allergies, I scour the information on bakeries to try to find foods that are safe for him.  Label reading is part of my daily life.  While I was on the Sugarland website a couple months ago, I found that they can make nut-free cakes.  The facility is not nut free, however, they have equipment that is designated nut free, and abide by the 20ppm regulations that are required to state that an item is nut free.  They made my whole order this way and were incredibly helpful with my order.

The twins decided it was a good day to flip flop on nap schedules, so I had to wake Sky up about halfway through the party because Haze was getting ready to go down for her nap and I wanted them to get to have their cupcakes before we all dug into the cake.

We sang happy birthday and gave them a taste of their frosting.  Sky was loving it, Hazel was..... well, tired.  Ha.

There were some tears from both the girls, and many smiles, too, as they tested out their personal cupcakes.  Big brother Blake was super excited for them to get down on their cake because I promised him that he would get the first slice out of that monster cake in the background.  

Our family and neighbors took lots of great pictures and videos for us, my favorite being the one of the 5 of us.  

Our neighbor, Kenny, took this one while Hazel was in tears and Skylar was being entertained by Blake.  

Monday afternoon, I realized that I had left some of the decorations for the party upstairs, so I decided to go ahead and hang them for the girls' actual birthDAY, since they had been eyeing them since I made them a few weeks ago.  They looked to great to let go to waste.  

We made sure to get the girls final picture of their monthly pictures.  It's considerably harder to get two 12 month old babies to sit still for a picture than it was when they were just a month old.  

They may have pulled their hair bows off 38 times and their stickers off their dresses 12 times in our attempts to get a decent picture.  That bear in between them was about the same size as them in their one month picture.

Happy birthday sweet girls!  You've made me a stronger and more capable mommy than I ever imagined I would become.  You make me feel like I'm really good at "momming" and I love watching you two and your brother grow.  

The Baseball Wife

Ok, now for the deets on the party decor....

Tissue Tassel Garland... https://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioMucci
Glitter Happy Birthday Banner...  https://www.etsy.com/shop/detroitpapercompany
Glitter Dipped Mason Jar Vases...  https://www.etsy.com/shop/CharminglyKristin
Bowls & Cake Stands... Home Goods
Cupcake Stands and Domes...  http://www.laylagrayce.com
Plates & Napkins...  http://www.shopsweetlulu.com
Cupcake Wrappers for Garland...  https://www.etsy.com/shop/thebakersconfections
Gold Shred Fillers for clear vases and mason jars...  https://www.etsy.com/shop/WrapAndRevel

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