After Blake's birthday, I whisked away to my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana for a long weekend to celebrate a dear, dear friend of mine, Lisa.  I met Lisa when I was just 15 years old on our high school tennis team.  We became fast friends and got into more than our fair share of trouble together.  Yep, lots of trouble, and lots of fun.

We lived in neighboring subdivisions, just a walk away, which worked out really well the time I got grounded from my car and my dad disconnected the battery.  Seeing that I have no clue about cars or how to reconnect batteries, I walked to Lisa's house and rode in her car.  I know I was was little $hit, wasn't I?  If it's true that your kids give it back to you, I've got double trouble on my hands with Hazel and Skylar.

Anyway, Lisa was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant with Blake.  She's seen me through my pregnancies, and she helped my mom and sister throw my baby shower when I was expecting Blake.  I was overjoyed when I found out she was pregnant this spring, and I knew I wanted to get to throw her a shower, too.  

I got in touch with our awesome friend Angela, and we got the party started.  

Lisa is having a boy, the name is yet to be determined.  She has some ideas, but she's not set, and I'm not going to be the one to announce it to the world, anyway.  That's her news to share when she's ready.  :)  She and her husband Corey are so excited to be expecting a boy, though.  

We had many of her friends and family come to my parents' house and we celebrated with yummy food and lots of presents!  The empty chafing dishes later held pizza dip that we pulled out of the oven right after our guests arrived.  

My awesome bestie, Maddie, came along with me to check out Fort Wayne and spend a girls weekend since I was traveling without Elliot and the kiddos.  She made the amazing pizza dip and this Apple Cider Sangria, for which you can find the recipe (and other amazzzing recipes) on her blog, The Whimsy One.  

Be careful with her drinks, though, she's super sneaky with her alcohol and you won't know how much you're drinking until it's too late.  Because of this, it's great to people watch at her get-togethers.

We also had yummy chocolate dipped pretzel sticks and oreos made by Lisa's sister-in-law, Kim.  I may have had 7 or 8 of those.  

We had a great time hosting Lisa's party, and I just love her and Angela.  They are family to me, and I'm so lucky to have known them longer in my life than I haven't.  

And what shower would be complete without knowing what some of the gifts were?  My mom, my sister and I threw down on a great set of gifts.  We went with a woodland animal theme, mostly because Lisa's husband Corey loves to hunt.  We got their little man these awesome gifts:


I personally love the Jellycat stuffed animals.  All three of my kids have the bashful bunny in a different color.  I love hooded towels, too, especially the ones that PBK makes.  They are super soft and maintain good condition even when washed.  I also know that our life would be a mess without sound machines, and we have them blaring wherever we go.  If you're a parent that travels, there are free apps you can download now as well for hotel room stays like the White Noise App.  We use that one whenever we're on the road.  

What are your favorite gifts to give at baby showers?  What are you go-to decorations?

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