Can you believe it's almost 2015?  Maybe it's just me.  This past year seems like a blur with the lack of sleep (and free time) that comes with having twin babies and a 5 year old boy. 

Do you make resolutions each new year?

I used to make resolutions.  Not resolutions that I would be healthier, or eat better, or lose weight.  I made some that were a little different.  I used to resolve that I'd try something new each day, or that I would try to eat seasonally.  I rarely make it through the first week.  We like to use the new year as a starting point, a place to begin anew after overindulging over Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

I tend to feel that January is sort of a last hurrah of the offseason for baseball families.  Spring training starts looming over our heads, we wait to see what team we are going to be with, we look for housing, we start booking flights and making plans.  

We organize, we pack, we realize we've packed too much, so we unpack, and pack again.

With the new year comes new opportunities.  Whether your family is heading to spring training in Florida or Arizona, to a season in Korea or Japan, or whether you are spending your first spring at home, I wish you good luck, and that you get everything you want out of life this year.  

Cheers to 2015.  May your worst day of 2015 be better than your best of 2014.  See you next year!

The Baseball Wife

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