"Two little blessings sent from above.  Twice the smiles, and twice the love."
So you're expecting multiples.  Congratulations!

To be honest, the moment I heard that there were two babies in my belly, I went into shock.  I had never considered the idea that I could ever have twins.  I spent a good week or so completely freaking out.  Eventually, I got my $hit together (or so I like to think), and I got down to business in planning for two babies at once.

As if pregnancy isn't overwhelming enough (the registry, the advice, the horror stories), suddenly, you're expecting in a different way than most people.  If you're like me, it left you scouring the internet for advice since you maybe know like 2 other people that have ever had multiples.  

I'm here to help.  Here are some of the things you absolutely need, and a few things you're going to really want if you're expecting multiples.

The pregnancy

This book
I know the author goes a little crazy over making sure you eat enough, but it is really a great book to have if you're expecting multiples.  Many of the complications of a multiples pregnancy aren't looked into in regular pregnancy books.  Often, expecting multiples only gets a chapter in many of the books.  This book offers valuable advice.

Upsie Belly Belly Support by Belly Bandit
This thing is amazing.  Expecting more than one baby means double the fluid and a lot more weight to carry in your belly.  I wore these often toward the end of the day when my back and belly hurt. 

Maternity Clothes
Let's be real, if you're expecting multiples, you're not going to be able to slide by wearing regular clothes in a bigger size.  My favorite brands while I was pregnant included Asos, A Pea in the Pod, and Gap Maternity.

I lived on our couch during my pregnancy with the twins.  Exhausted didn't even touch what I was feeling.  That is, when my 3 year old son would let me.  I was given the advice to find a babysitter and take full advantage when I needed the rest.

When the Babies are Here

Preemie Clothes
Our twins came at 33 weeks exactly.  I went into labor at 32 weeks and spent nearly a week in the hospital before they were even born.  I was prepared with preemie clothes this time around because our older son had actually also been a preemie, arriving at 36 weeks.  We didn't have small enough clothes for him when he arrived, and my parents had to run out and get him preemie clothes.  My favorites for the twins were Kickee pants.  I know they can be priced a bit steep, but I stocked up ahead of time from sites like zulily when they would be on sale on their site.  

2 Car Seats

Obviously.  Take special note, however of the weights for the car seats.  Graco makes some that can hold a baby that is as small as 4 lbs.  Many don't start until 5 lbs or more.  Pay attention to this, or you may be sending your husband out to buy a new car seat before you can take your little bugs home.  

Double Snap and Go Stroller
This thing is amazing.  It was so great when the twins were sleeping all the time.  With Blake, I lugged his car seat around everywhere.  With the twins, I simply snapped them into this little wonder and pushed them around.  After the girls got too heavy to lift their car seats in and out all the time, we switched to a...

Kinderwagon Hop
We tried a Maclaren side by side for a while, but it was giant and bulky and hard to get around places.  This stroller takes up just a little more space than a regular umbrella stroller.  It's amazing.  The back seat can recline, but the front can't.  There is a shade that goes over the top, as well.  Bonus for mommies with an older child, I actually attached a Buggy Board to the back so that our son can ride along on the back.  

Rock N Plays
At least two of these.  If you have super generous family and friends and a two story house, I might suggest you go ahead and get 4.  Otherwise, they are pretty easy to carry up and down the stairs.  

Inchbug Orbit Labels
We have different colors for our girls because our girls were actually on different formula.  I've had friends that also bought the Dr. Browns bottles in different colors to tell them apart.  I like the Inchbug labels because you can have their names put on them, making it easier for sending bottles and sippies to Church daycare or Parents Morning Out.  This company also makes stickers for kids clothes, backpack tags, and allergy stickers for those of us that also have kids with food allergies.

Swaddles.  Lots of Swaddles
You will be amazed at how many swaddles you go through.  Do yourself a favor and have tons of them on hand so you're not doing laundry all day every day.  My personal faves are Aden & Anais.  The girls still snuggle up on them regularly.  

Snuza Baby Movement Monitors
These little things are amazing.  They attach to babies' diapers and monitor their movement while they sleep.  If they don't sense movement (breathing), they vibrate to wake baby, if they still don't detect, an alarm will go off.  Talk about peace of mind!!

Blooming Baby Bath
Many babies don't like baths because they get cold.  We had these and loved them.  You really only need one, though, not two, since you're not going to bathe them together for a while.  

Reclining High Chairs
This is the high chair we have for the girls.  It has 3 different places to recline.  When they were tiny, we put it all the way back.  Now that they are older, it's all the way front.  It's great for when you're holding bottles for two babies at once.  

Baby Bottle Holders
We used these by Lil Helper.  I don't remember where I found them, but they were the best purchase ever.  Basically they go around the bottle and give your babies handles to hold onto their bottles.  You can thank me later.  

Joovy Room2
It's giant, it's pretty heavy, but they sleep in it when we travel, and there is plenty of room in there.

The Basics
2 Cribs
2 Crib Mattresses
2 Full Cover Zipper Mattress Covers
2 Crib Mattress Pads
Sound Machines- our son uses a Graco one, our twins use a Dohm.

Diaper Genies- one for each level of the house
Diapers- I've found Honest Company to be my favorite.

Bottles, Lots of Them.  I liked Medela, and their label lids are also awesome

2 Bumbos and Play Trays

Hooded Towels- I love the ones from Pottery Barn Kids

First Aid Kit
Temporal Thermometer
Outlet Covers
Monitor with Multiple Cameras

2 Sofie the Giraffes

For Mommy
Belly Bandits- at least 2 of them.  Sometimes you can have your doctor prescribe something similar.

And in the end, trust your intuition.  Everyone is going to have advice for what you need, what you don't need, how you should care for your child, and how you shouldn't care for your child.  You're the mommy, and you do what is best for you and your situation.  Listen to the advice of others, but keep in mind what makes you the most happy, and seems to make the most sense for you and your family.

Good luck!

The Baseball Wife

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