As I'm writing this, we are waiting for an ice storm to hit us here in Raleigh-Durham.  Elliot and I are upstairs working on paperwork and we started talking about what it was like last year when a snow storm hit.  We were actually supposed to leave town the morning that it hit to head to spring training in Arizona with the Indians.

We had everything packed up, we barely had any food left in the house, and I got a text the afternoon before we are supposed to leave that our flight has been cancelled.  Not a single snowflake had fallen, but our airline decided to cut us out of their routes for the following day.

We had a minor freak out.  We ran to the store for some milk and food to get by for a few days and called the airline to change our flights.  They wouldn't be able to get us out until later in the week.  It's not ideal when travel gets changed on you, but it happens, and I'd rather it happened while I'm in the comfort of my own house than while I'm stuck at an airport.  

We lived out of our suitcases for a few days, which sounds a lot easier than it is with 3 kids, two of which were only 4 months old.  

The snow fell, and it fell, and it fell. 

It was super pretty, and a totally relaxing sight to look at out our bedroom window while I rocked babies for naps.  There is nowhere to go when it snows in the south, anyway.  We don't have the equipment to deal with it because it really only happens once or twice a year.  

We just enjoyed the extra time before getting into the baseball grind by having neighbors and family over.  There was nothing we could do but slow down for those bonus few days of offseason we got, so we did.

I hope you all enjoy your last few days or hours if you have any left before reporting.  Good luck this spring!  

The Baseball Wife

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