Here's a throwback to 2011 when one of my favorite baseball friends, Tonya, was first married to her husband Tyler and made the drive to spring training with him for the first time.  This girl is such a light in my life, and I enjoy keeping in touch with her, and I'm sad that our husbands won't get to be on the same team this year like they were last year.  Check out her blog, Married Life in Minor League Baseball, for more stories of their travels and life. Enjoy! xoxo Nicole

Written by Tonya Cloyd, Wife to Tyler Cloyd

We're here! We made it! All 1461.73 miles are now behind us! The 23 hour and 2 minute drive that MapQuest navigated out for us, only managed to take us five days. Ha! Not to worry, we chose that time frame. We stopped to visit family and friends along the way as we made our drive through eight states: Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally Florida! Not just anywhere in Florida though, but the beautiful Clearwater, Florida... home to the Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training!

What a joy it was to step out of the car! Sure there was warm weather, ocean views, palm trees, and baseball, but the best part was being able to get more than two feet away from Tyler! Ok so maybe I should admit, Tyler is a much better road trip buddy than I am, as I only drove three hours of the entire trip! Not to mention, I am also a big time passenger seat driver! (I'm sure you can imagine how much fun that must have been for him.) :) In all seriousness however, we really had such a fun time together! We drove through a bit of snow, hit some rush hour traffic here and there, but managed to safely pass by the runaway truck ramps in the mountains...scary! The only other problem we really encountered was, let me think now, how would the American Idol judges put it? Oh that's right...the "You're so NOT going to Hollywood" voices that Tyler and I have, along with some dance moves that would make for a total fail in the auditions as well! Yeah, it was definitely a fun five days in the car together.

Luckily, our road trip is now over and we are all moved into our new room! Yes, you read that correctly... room. We found an amazing house on the water to live in for the month of spring training! Only exception: we share it with the family that lives here. Um? Is that supposed to be a problem? Alright, I might have been a little worried at first, deciding to move in with a family before we actually met them, but it turns out we made a great decision. We absolutely love it here and the family is great! They have two kids in their 20's, three dogs, nine bedrooms, a 150ft dock, and the view of an incredible sunset every night from the front porch! Even cooler, dolphins swim by regularly! Sure, there's a little downfall... we all share one shower, which happens to be an old fashion tub with a curtain around it. It's not really a challenge, just something new and different for us. Besides that, all is great right now! We are so blessed to have found this place, as we know we won't always be so fortunate with this lifestyle. Tyler is already away at the field every day working out, and I just got a job at a cute little cafe in downtown Dunedin. I only have to work two days a week and it's in walking distance, just two blocks away. Perfect! I'll spend the rest of my time laying out and also going to Tyler's games here soon. This week has definitely been a high point for us. :)


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