You'll notice that most of my recipes are pretty kid-friendly around here.  Since we are outnumbered in our house, and I hate being a short-order cook, I tend to make things that can be variable to suit all our our likings.  

I also like to hide good-for-you things in not so good-for-you packages.

Because I like tricking my kids into eating healthier. 

I made us all grilled cheese the other day and I had a craving for something a little different than your average american cheese and bread combo.  I wanted it to have crunch, I wanted it to be different, and I wanted it to be a little healthier.

So, I did the normal stuff, buttered the bread, perused the cheeses we had available in our deli drawer, checked the fruit and veggie drawer and worked with what we had.

What came out in the end is nothing short of amazing.

I give you Apple Spinach Kale Mozzarella Grilled Cheese.  

Oh yeah, this totally happened.

And it's so easy, y'all.  Butter up whatever bread you have, throw down the ingredients in between, and throw that bread on the pan.   


I served mine up with tomato soup and enjoyed a little piece of heaven for lunch that day.  Blake split the tomato soup with me and I concocted him a grilled cheese of his own with spinach, tomatoes, and mozzerella.  

What do you think would taste good in a grilled cheese?  I came up with a list, because I think it's time you think outside the box and upgrade your grilled cheese.  It doesn't have to be items you have to go to the store for, but open up your fridge and get creative with what you've got in there.  

Try some new combos, just don't put any nuts in a grilled cheese if you make it for my food allergy kid.  Please come back and comment with what you love!  I can't wait to hear what great flavors you come up with.  
The Baseball Wife

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