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Last Saturday as the twins were napping, Blake was hanging out in my room while I was putting some things away.  He was sitting on a chair I have near my bed and I looked up and saw him climbing to the top of it.  Before I could finish the sentence "Blake please get down from there," he was flying through the air in an attempt to jump from the back of the wingback chair to my bed. 

He didn't make it.  

Instead, he flipped through the air, landed on his arm, and grabbed it, wincing in pain.
I helped him up to the bed, his arm wasn't really swollen or bruised at this point, but I gave him some medicine and had him lay down for a while to keep an eye on it.  

I called our sitter and asked her to come over early so that I could take him to the doctor to get him checked out.  By the time she got there, he woke up from his little nap and was still in a lot of pain.  He insisted that he didn't want to go to the doctor, but I decided it was best to take him to the ER.  

I took Blake to Duke Children's hospital because I thought the ER was also for children only.  It isn't, for future reference, but they do have a pediatric area of the ER.  And it's kind of slow, to be honest.  He was looked at immediately, but since the x-rays took a while, I think the original orthopedic surgeon that looked at him decided to cut out early that day.  While we got to the ER at 2:30 pm, and we got x-rays at about 4, we didn't see another orthopedic surgeon until after 7 (hmmmm after the shift change?)

Blake had a fracture just above his elbow.  It's the most common fracture in kids 5-7 years old (apparently this is the age where they learn that can't fly).

The rest was fairly traumatizing for Blake and me.  He had to get a cast, but thankfully, no surgery.  They didn't give him pain meds while we were there or any sedation before giving him a cast which was basically awful.  I had to hold my sweet baby while they wrapped him up in his cast and tears rolled down his face.  All he got out of the deal was a popsicle.  

We didn't get to leave the hospital until 10.  It was a very long day, and while I don't expect ER visits to be short, I certainly don't expect them to take that long, either.

The next day, he was in good spirits and has barely complained about his arm hurting since the ordeal.  We were told that he will be getting the cast off in 3 weeks, and he'll hopefully be all healed and ready to play sports in about 2 months.  

I knew a broken bone would happen eventually, and I was pretty sure it would happen when Elliot wasn't here to help me.  Luckily for Blake, I've had my fair share of ER visits, including 2 trips in one week when I was 6.  One visit, I earned 10 stitches in my head for jumping off my bed into a bean bag.  I jumped a little too far and hit a desk.  The next visit was just a few days later, where I fell off a deck and broke my arm.  I had to be taken into surgery so it could be reset.

So, I guess he gets his clumsiness from me.  Hopefully we don't have to endure this ever again.  

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