So, today is my birthday.  And I'm excited to share with y'all that over the past few weeks, I've been working hard to get one of YOU a present to celebrate it!!

Look at that gorgeous stuff!!  The lucky winner of my raffle is going to have some wonderful things shipped to them by me personally!  

The total retail value of all these goodies is over $300!!!  Thank you so much to these sweet contributors.  Whoever the lucky duck is that wins this is going to be soooo happy!  

Here's a list of the goodies:
You Play I Pray Tank Top
Headbands of Hope Glitter Band
Buxom Makeup Samples from Sephora
Baseball Lacelet Bracelet
AlwaysMe Designs Bracelet Set 
Lynnderella Nail Polishes
Videri Chocolate Factory Chocolate Bars Set

To enter, follow directions on the rafflecopter raffle below!  A comment on this blog is required, please share the best birthday present you ever received.  Additional entries can be earned, some on a daily basis!  

The raffle ends March 18, and the winner will be announced by Saturday, March 21!

Good luck!!  
The Baseball Wife

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  1. I love this giveaway especially the you play i pray shirt!! My favorite birthday gift would have to be my tory burch boots!! <3 Anytime its cold i love wearing them!! Happy birthday to you! <3 my birthday is april 5th

  2. First of all, Happy Birthday! I hope you are having a great day! My favorite birthday gift isn't really a gift, but just the ability to spend the whole day with my family doing whatever I want to do. I got to chose what food we ate, what activities we did, where we went, etc.

  3. My most favorite birthday present is a ring from my now husband when we had only been dating for 4 months. One of our kids lost my actual wedding ring a year and a half ago, so I now wear the ring he gave me so long ago :)

  4. Happy birthday! My best present was a webcam when Matt and I were dating. It was early in our relationship, and who knows if we would still be together if we hadn't been able to see each other in some way.

  5. LOVE this giveaway. My husband is a college baseball coach and my 2 boys (ages 6 and 4) are keeping us busy playing Little League. I'm pretty sure I pray the entire time they're playing and practicing!!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have an amazing day. :)'

  7. One of the best presents I ever got was from my husband. I'm not a huge fan of most jewelry because I'm always afraid I'll break it or lose it, but I had my favorite earrings stolen and really wanted a new pair. He wanted to get me diamonds but due to being SUPER BROKE I begged him not to splurge, though he thought that was silly. On my birthday I opened a small box, and inside... diamond earrings?!?! I immediately started stressing out, until he told me to look closer - they were very, very light blue. He got me my birthstone instead of diamonds, satisfying his desire to get me something sparkly but still taking into account my feelings, too, which meant the world to me.

  8. My favorite birthday gift was probably the year I got my Big Wheel (I think I was 3?). I loved that thing so much.

  9. Happy Birthday lady! For my 22nd birthday, my hubby got my tickets to see the Nationals - my first MLB game!

  10. You are the sweetest to be giving away such greatness on your birthday! Hope you have an amazing day! My most memorable present was when my parents took me to see the Grand Canyon. It was just me and them. (rare occasion when there are five kids in your family) Loved every min with them.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Nicole! The raffle ends on my bday (Go Pisces!!), so I'm feeling lucky ;)

    I've received many great birthday gifts, but the one that first came to mind was from my 16th birthday... my parents gave me my first car! It was an old (very much loved by its previous owners) Nissan Sentra and I absolutely loved it! They had even put a big red bow on it - I was so surprised and happy that I cried!
    (I think they were tired of me borrowing their cars to drive to and from work, ha!)

  12. Happy birthday sweet mama! 😘😘😘

    My favorite birthday gift ever was a diamond cross necklace that my husband gave me for my 30th birthday! I was not excited to be turning the big 3-0. But he made me feel so special and surprised me with a gorgeous necklace. It was the sweetest. ❤️

  13. Happy Birthday!
    My best birthday present was finding out we were expecting our third baby (unplanned). It was such an amazing moment and he has been such a blessing to our family.
    Thanks for the chance!

  14. Happiest of birthdays to you Nicole! Hope it was an amazing day, you deserve it! My favorite birthday memory was 4 years ago when my mom flew out to WA to surprise me for my birthday and thanksgiving. I had been really missing her and was lonely after moving to WA so it was a total shock when I came home and she was here. The older you get the more you realize how important family is. Thanks Nicole!!

  15. Happy Birthday! My best present was my 30th birthday party when my husband flew in three of my best friends!

  16. Happy Birthday! My favorite present was my 30th birthday party as my husband flew in three of my best friends for it!!!

  17. Happy birthday !
    Best gift I received was a David Yurman bracelet with my sons birthstone on it. ☺️