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I think one of the reasons us food allergy moms are so crazy (besides the obvious fact that our kid could die), is that we know how easy it is to make a mistake.  Little things can be so easily overlooked.

I recently bought some frozen yogurt from a brand that we buy our regular yogurt from.  I didn't even think to check the label.  

Then I was at home, spooning some of it into bowls for the kids to have for dessert, and the thought occurred to me that I wondered how they manufactured the yogurt with the flavors- like strawberry.

And then I wondered if they shared equipment with nuts.  I turned around the package, the one I swore I thought I had already checked at the store, and there it was.  

Had I given this frozen yogurt to Blake, what would have followed would have been scary and traumatizing.  He likely would have thrown up multiple times, resulting in bendaryl and possibly epinephrine and a trip to the hospital.  

He asked why they weren't having the frozen yogurt, and I showed him the label, as I have been trying to do when we come across something that he can't have.  

Some food allergies aren't as severe and sensitive as Blake's.  So to add more confusion, the parents of some kids with allergies to foods processed in a shared facilities or shared equipment are ok with their kids having these foods.  

It's always super frustrating to have to explain to the mom that brought in the whole foods cupcakes to school that were made on shared equipment with tree nuts that my son can't have them when the other nut allergy dad says his kid can.  I literally had a mom once try to correct me on whether the cake she brought to school could contain allergens.  

The best way to combat allergic reactions is to ask the parent of the child with the allergies.  Leave it up to them.  Don't ask the kid if they can have it, ask their parents.  And for goodness sake, please don't tell the kid that there are no nuts in something- have their parents check the label.  

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