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Lately I've been feeling unappreciated.  It's not by anyone in particular, but by everyone all at the same time.  I know I'm being sensitive, but after several moments of feeling inadequate, it starts to eat at me.  

At times, my toughest critics can be my kids.  Being treated like a slave that is there to get water, make food, and buy things for 3 little people can get disheartening, no matter how much you love your kids.

I try to stay positive.  I know that many women would kill to be in my place, to have these great kids, to get to be home with them so much.  But I get tired.
So tired.  

My day starts at 7 am  most days, and doesn't end until after 10 pm.  

I feel like I'm wasting away in a thankless job.  How does a woman with a Masters Degree feel so worthless at the end of so many days?  Wasn't I once a person that had opinions that others valued, that could have adult conversations, and not be ordered around every day?  

Where did she go?  That woman that was fun, and sunshiney?  The woman that made people around her smile, not yell at her to get them a snack?

I mean, exactly how humble am I supposed to be?  Where does the term "mom" end and "doormat" begin?  Some days it feels like I'm not pleasing anyone at all, not my kids, not my husband, and certainly not myself.

Today was a long day after a very long weekend with my kids.  I found myself counting down the minutes to bed time, willing them to just get tired so that I could sit and relax.  

And I saw a post on facebook from a friend and fellow baseball wife.  She's at home on her own with their baby while her husband is away playing ball.  She has always been a great motivator to me, always stepping in with encouraging words when I couldn't find inspiration in myself.  I wanted to let her know that her work isn't going unnoticed, that we see how hard she is working.

And I remembered this story that I've always loved.  It's by another blogger with an awesome name, Nicole Johnson, at Fresh Brewed Life.  It's the story of the invisible woman, and it reminds me that my work isn't going unnoticed, even on days that it seems like it is.  That each breakfast I make, each kiss I give, each moment of patience when I want to lose it is worthwhile, and I have immense worth.

I just wanted to share the story with my readers.  I know there are times that I need encouragement, and thought I would share some of that with y'all.  Enjoy the story, keep doing what you do, and remember that your work isn't unnoticed.  

The Baseball Wife

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