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Baseball and peanuts seem to go hand in hand.  This makes it terribly hard for a food allergy mom when her son wants to play baseball.  I have to be at every game, every practice, everything he goes to, otherwise, he can't go.  I know that when it comes to saving his life, I WILL inject him with epinephrine if necessary.

Last fall, Blake had a very scary reaction at a game where his dad was coaching.  Blake wasn't in Elliot's sight and he asked another parent if the team snack had nuts.

The parent said no, and another parent opened the snack for him.  They didn't know, and they were just trying to help, but the evening that followed for us was heartbreaking and traumatizing.  

This spring, I took action and let Blake's coaches know about his severe allergies and asked that they tell all parents to not allow food in the dugout and not allow any parents to open snacks for kids that aren't theirs.  They kindly accommodated my requests and even went further and asked me if I could provide a list of safe snacks that they could pass on to the other parents on the team.  

These parents have all followed the protocal, and they have brought safe snacks to each and every game.  For that, I'm SO Thankful.  

If you don't have a child with serious food allergies, you haven't had to watch as your child couldn't enjoy the cake at his friend's birthday party, or the popsicles at school.  You haven't had to calm down your child when they couldn't have a snack that all the other kids were having after a game that another parent said didn't have peanuts, because it actually did contain tree nuts, which he's also allergic to.

It has been such a relief to get to watch my kid be like every other kid after the games this spring.  To get to give him the same snack as all the other kids, to get to see him enjoy fitting in, rather than being treated like the "food allergy kid."  It has been so refreshing, and so wonderful to have other parents make an effort to help him be part of the team.  

So special thanks to the parents with my son's little league team.  My appreciation is so immeasurable.  I hope we get so lucky with this in the future.  

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  1. Food allergies can be a scary thing!!! We've experienced firsthand with one of my younger cousins. She was allergic to nuts also. Now that she's older....she knows exactly what nuts she can and can't have. Thanks for sharing your story. It's awesome when people are understanding and work together.

    1. They are so scary! I do my best to help others understand the severity of Blake's allergies, and to teach him about his allergies as well! I'm glad to hear your niece has such a great understanding of her allergies!