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This past weekend, I took a little trip up to Baltimore with a friend to attend this totally awesome conference called BlogU.

University of Notre Dame of Maryland hosted about 300 of us as we all acted as socially awkward as bloggers are together.  There were amazing classes, lots of fun, and even a middle school awkward themed dance.

Through my classes, I learned lots of key things that have made me rethink my blog.  I am so lucky to have a constant following of so many of you and I believe that most of you are here for baseball, with some dabbling in parenting, lifestyle, food allergies, and postpartum depression.

I love sharing these stories with you, and I think that The Life of the Baseball Wife is about to get even better.


I'm bringing back contributing writers!  

So many of us benefit from hearing the stories of women that are in all walks of baseball and life in general.  You're still going to hear my stories, too, but there are going to be a lot more stories from all the wonderful women I've met in baseball over the years.  

I'm really looking forward to taking this next step with you, and I hope you'll stick around to watch The Life of the Baseball Wife grow!  

If you're interested in contributing, please see more information on contributing writers HERE.  You don't necessarily have to be married to a current/former player, or even associated with baseball, if you write other content that is relatable to The Life of the Baseball Wife (like food allergies and life with twins).  

I can't wait to see this blog become even more awesome!  Thanks for your constant support!  
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  1. I'm a basketball coaches wife and blog over at Brains, Beauty & Basketball. I look forward to reading from other SistersinSports(SIS) through your new series. This blog conference also seemed to be pretty influential for you which is fabulous!

  2. Thanks Michelyn! Can't wait to check out your blog! I had a great time at the conference (and not just because I got to sit down and eat all my meals without one of my three kids asking me for something-ha!), and I totally recommend it! I learned so much, and I'm excited to see the changes that are going to take place on my blog!