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Elliot didn't make the All-Star team in 2009. We did take a trip over the break, though, to see some family while we had a few days off, and so that my family could throw me a baby shower at a time that they absolutely knew I could be there.

In baseball, nothing is ever certain, not even the dates that your husband might have off from work, or the places he might be playing in. In a matter of minutes, your world can be turned upside down when he is called up, sent down, or traded.

In my case, Elliot got injured. He broke his hand at the beginning of May, and while that seems far off from the All-Star Break (which happens in the middle of July), when a player is rehabbing from breaking a bone, it might not be that far off at all. Luckily for us, though, we came back to the team at the beginning of July and our plans were back on track.

At the beginning of the season, I planned with my Mom, Sister, and friends to be back in my hometown in Indiana over the break. "It's the only time I know he'll have off and that I know I can come up for," I said, "and if he doesn't have it off, it's only a good thing, because that means he's on an All-Star team." So, we planned it for one of the days during that time. We were playing in Durham, and the last game before the break was in Norfolk- a day game, and the first game after the break was in Louisville (only 4 hours from my parent's house), so it all seemed set. We would leave after the game in Norfolk and drive up to my parent's house. We would have the shower and hang out a couple days, and then we would meet back up with the team in Louisville.

When I mapquested the route, it seemed that driving from Norfolk would be about 12 hours, so we were ready to make the drive. After the game got over, Elliot jumped in the car with me, and we headed on our way. I forgot to print off the mapquest and the route I thought would be best, so we decided to put it in the GPS because the GPS has worked for us in the past, so why wouldn't it work for us now? Bad Idea. The GPS took us all the way up through Washington DC and beyond, and then decided we could start heading west. Maybe this wouldn't have been so bad if the traffic hadn't been moving at, oh, about 35 mph the whole way with all the people trying to get back to the city after the weekend.

The GPS made us get off the freeway in DC for some crazy reason, and took us all these back ways. We kept driving and driving, determined to make up for all the time we had lost. At some point when we were somewhere in Ohio (after we had ventured almost to the top of Pennsylvania), we decided we needed to rest. It was early/late and we decided the idea of paying for a hotel was ridiculous when we'd only be there a couple hours. To the rest stop we went. I have never spent the night in a rest stop before this, but now I have, and I might mention that I did it when I was 20 weeks pregnant.

We're in the car, I couldn't get comfortable to save my life in the front seat, so I moved my pregnant body to the back seat and slept all funny (since I wasn't supposed to be sleeping on my back) while our dog slept up front with my Husband. As soon as we were about asleep, somebody's car alarm started blaring right next to us. It went on forever. At this point, after having traveled way out of the way and just wanting sleep, all I could say was "oh, memories." I remember that quite vividly.

I woke up a couple hours later since the sun was coming up and just wanted to get to my parents, shut the blinds in the guest room, and sleep. We drove the last few hours with my husband chugging caffeine and me sitting in the passenger seat keeping us both awake... I think I might have even been eating candy to keep myself doing something. We arrived at my parents house at like 8 or 9 in the morning, definitely not what we had expected in our original plans, and slept for quite a while since we were so exhausted. I made it to my baby shower, which thankfully wasn't the day we got in, and we made it to Louisville to meet back with the team, and all ended well.

I will never automatically trust my GPS to take me a long distance again. While it got me there, eventually, I will make sure I figure out my routes before leaving in the future.

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