Written by Marissa Kloess
Wife to Brandon Kloess
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Before Brandon and I were together I knew an average amount about baseball. I knew the basics; three strikes you’re out, four balls you walk and nine innings in a game. Brandon and his friends still joke about the time they told me that the shortest player on the team had to play short stop and I believed them!

Well, when we first started dating I slowly learned more and more about the game. I now know the shortest player does not have to play short stop! I also started learning about the rules of the game that happen off the field as well.

I was completely flabbergasted at my first game as an official girlfriend when another girlfriend told me I had to wait outside the dugout after the game to do the “walk” with my new boyfriend. What? I had driven myself to the game. I knew where we were going after the game. Why on earth did I need to wait for Brandon to come out of the dugout just to walk 100 yards to the locker room and wait for him to come out just for us to take separate cars? She convinced me that this was a rule that I must do if I wanted to be a good baseball girlfriend.

I reluctantly waited and did the “walk” that game and every other game for the next two years of Brandon’s college career. After awhile this became very natural to me.

During this time I also learned the rule that if Brandon had good game and I was wearing a black shirt I darn well better wear one the next time he pitched if I wanted him to do well. I think there are more superstitions in the stands then on the field. His mother and my seating arrangements are based upon the game record during a series. Last year, I was told by the marketing director of Brandon’s team to wear a logo pin, so they knew who the family members were. Great idea! Unless you leave your pin at the hotel and have to drive back to get it since the sweeping this series relies upon your pin!

I thought these rules would ease up as I got used to the game. Oh, little do I know! To this day I do not text anyone while Brandon is pitching because three years ago I texted his mother the score during an inning and he gave up two runs. Not too long ago I was watching the box, (I get to nervous when I am home to listen live) while Brandon was pitching the tenth through fourteenth innings of a twenty-one inning game. Not only did I receive about five texts that I could not answer, but the box is about ten minutes behind live play and I nearly had a heart attack thinking something had happened that I didn’t know about yet!

I have heard the stories about players that won’t change their socks if they are on a winning streak or the pitcher that have to eat the same thing every time before a game. I just wasn’t prepared for the superstitions in the stands! There should definitely be a handbook about all this! I am sure y’all have a few “rules” yourselves that you can share. I would love to hear them. Please let me know I am not crazy!

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  1. You are hilarious Marissa! I have some stupid things that I cant do when darin is pitching! I wont check my phone, I sit a certain way and I wont get up from my seat the whole time he's pitching and sometimes thats 6-7 innings! Were all nuts! All-in-ALL we know these superstitions are stupid but its crazy how when we break one of them something bad seems to happen! Im glad you shared your craziness with us so I know Im not alone haha. Christy Downs

  2. This hits home! My hubby used to be a reliever, well, one year they made him a starter and he was having a great game until i showed up. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the season watching the game from the parking lot and didn't enter the stadium until he was done. I was his bad luck charm that year, but he still had a great year and the next year, I became his good luck charm :)