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After I graduated from college in 2006, I went to live with Elliot in Montgomery, AL, where he was playing for the Montgomery Biscuits (Rays AA). We had been engaged a few months earlier, and were going to be married the following offseason. It was August, and I had just finished powering through a lot of summer school so I could finish up and not have to go back to class in the fall.

I arrived in Montgomery, and enjoyed some relaxation while Elliot’s team was on a homestand. We did a little traveling, but the time came, after a couple weeks, for him to go on a road trip that I couldn’t go on.The team was in the playoffs and they were traveling to Jacksonville, FL for just a couple nights (it was a 6 hour drive, which is pretty long for a couple nights, plus we really didn’t have the money for me to go). So, I stayed at his apartment for that time.

I didn’t think it would be that hard, since I had spent the entire summer without Elliot, and it wasn’t really hard in that respect. What was hard, though, was the fact that I had no entertainment whatsoever. Elliot had spent the whole summer living as cheaply as possible, as most players do, especially when they are single and in the lower levels. Many of your favorite players today put in some time with many roommates making the rent as cheap as possible, living without cable, internet, and living on hardly any food.

Elliot’s apartment didn’t have much to offer… there was no cable, and actually, there was no tv either. I’m serious, no tv. He didn’t have a laptop, so checking my facebook and myspace was out of the question. Being just out of college, I didn’t have enough money to even go shopping, or put gas in the Durango he was driving that got, like, 5 mpg. So, I tried to study for the GRE I planned on taking someday, since there was nothing else to do. This lasted about a day, and then I was going crazy.

Elliot knew I was going crazy… I probably told him so several times, since I had nothing else to do but call my fiancĂ© and let him know there was nothing to do. He finally asked some of his fellow teammates if I could go watch tv at their house, since they had decided to actually keep a tv in their apartment during the season (how people live without a tv is beyond me, because I grew up in front of the tv.. I’m not exactly a couch potato, but I often have the tv on just for background noise without even watching it). So, the very friendly apartment manager responds to the call from the teammates and brings me a key to their place to go watch tv.

I got into their place, I turned on the tv, and nothing was on… like none of the channels worked. Apparently, the cable for everyone had already been turned off since the Biscuits were in the playoffs and could be going home any day now. So, I stomped back to our apartment where I moped and eventually probably took my seventh nap of the day out of boredom. Elliot eventually returned back after what seemed like years, even though I'm sure it was only 48 hours. I can get a little dramatic when I'm bored to death.

These days, I’m afforded the luxury of a tv wherever we live- thank the Lord!! When we stay at our house, I even get to use a DVR, which pretty much makes my life amazing. Oh, and we all have smartphones these days, so I'm guessing not so many girls go through this anymore- consider yourselves lucky!!

I’ll never forget that trip, and I’ll never forget being the most bored I’ve ever been in my life.

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  1. Hey Nicole, this is Debbie Wallace, mom of one of Elliot's students. First, I am so glad to finally get in touch with you. Elliot has touched our lives so positively. He is awesome and I am in just amazement at how well he works with kids. And, congrats on becoming a "Mommy"! Blake's Christmas card is soooo cute! Anyway, I had no idea Elliot lived like that. I would have donated a TV had I known him then :o). I, too, cannot live without a TV. Just like you, I don't always watch it, but it is on for background noise if nothing else. I used to study "by the TV". Quiet can be very loud if yoy know what I mean. Anyway, wanted to touch base and also to say that I am enjoying reading the blog. I am not a baseball wife, but I am a baseball mom. My husband coaches HS baseball now and also coaches Little League and USSSA travel ball. Both my sons (14 & 9) have been playing baseball since the older one was 3.

    Take care!