Written by Sarah Hefner
Wife to Jeremy Hefner

I am so proud of Jeremy! He is doing so well and I truly believe he deserves the success! He is such a hard worker and so humble! He made the Texas League All-Star team! Wooo hoo!!

One thing I love about him is that he always makes a point to lift me up and remind me how much he appreciates us. Today when I texted him to let him know he was on the roster I said, "You are an ALL-STAR! So proud!".... and this was his response.."Don't you know you're an All-Star too? We are in this together! You are my rock."

He is right, we are a team..but he is the one out on the mound while I just sit in the stands with my head held high with full confidence! Anyway, I know I am bragging on him but I am allowed, right? :) He is on his way to the BIG LEAGUES.

My point for all this is this... We might be "on our way" to the big leagues but in my mind we have already "made it"... we already are in the big leagues! We might not have the big league paychecks yet, new cars, a house, etc.... and yes, we still have to balance our checkbook to buy groceries, share an apartment during the season, not eat out alot, etc.. BUT as I am sitting here I realize... We are healthy, we have 2 arms, 2 legs, and can sing praises to God, we can enjoy each others company as a family, I have a couch to sit on to snuggle w/my boys, a cool apartment w/air conditioning, food in the fridge (mostly fruit for a few more weeks lol), a comfortable bed to sleep in (Jeremys feet hang off but at least its not the floor ;-)!!), clean clothes, 2 cars, running water, electricity, a computer with facebook, family and friends who love us, a beautiful baby boy, a healthy marriage, AND eternity with Christ!

I'd say we are one BIG LEAGUE FAMILY! Wouldn't you agree? There are so many things to be thankful for and I feel blessed beyond measure!!!

So many times people just want to know when I think Jeremy will "make it"... haven't we already?? I know they are just curious about his career and mean no harm by their question of course... but my thought today is to realize we've already "MADE IT!" Praise Jesus!!!! If you have accepted Jesus into your heart and have a changed heart and a relationship with Him, congratulations you MADE IT my brother/sister in Christ! :)

I have a challenge for you... A lady in bootcamp last month gave us this advice....*when you wake up in the morning look in the mirror with a smile on your face and say your name!...repeat this daily. Be sure to say it out loud.. For example, I would say.."SARAH GRACE HEFNER" :-D
She said this would build up our confidence over time... at first its weird but over time it really works! Be proud of who you are! You are a child of God and nothing can take that away!

I am so thankful for the life we have been given! I have a great teammate/husband and baby boy! Our life is hectic at times but we are pressing on!!!

Here is a quote said by 2 amazing women..Arbonne's President, Rita Davenport and Joyce Meyer
"I am not where I want to be, but thank God I'm not where I use to be!!"...So true!

Hope you've had a wonderful day!



  1. Sarah, you have an incredible attitude and you need to hang on to that. My husband has been playing for 14 years and this "business" will eat you up if you let it! It's so hard to keep faith during the rough times but it's the only thing you can control in this game of baseball. Congrats to you and your husband for making the All-Star team and with God in your lives, only great things will come to you!

  2. Love the story, thanks for sharing...I loved the quote, too!! May God keep blessing you! xox

  3. Amanda- Thank you so much for the encouragement :)

    Kimmie- Thank you! I love that quote too! I have to say it daily!!