Written by Beth Kennedy
Wife to Darryl Kennedy

All Star break July 1993. Darryl had been selected to the All Star team for the Rangers. How exciting, I needed to find a dress for the banquet. It was in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The girls and I were talking about how amazing it would be to stay at the hotel and that we could all make a night of it. I was so proud of Darryl for working so hard.

Two days before the game it was early in the morning and the phone rang.

My heart sunk at the thought of who was on the other end. It was Darryl's manager, of course, he had been promoted to AAA. As he was packing to leave that morning all I could think about was "Is this really happening?"

I felt a sense of loss but also a sense of pride. So I had a choice, lay in bed and watch him pack or get up and help him pack. So, I got up helped him pack, put on a hat and drove him to the field. Then I cried wondering how long until I would hear from him. Back then we didn't have cell phones. That night he called safe and sound and happy.

Here we are 18 years later with three kids. I still support his choices but I don't know if I am always prepared for what pro ball has to throw our way. You have to learn to just go with it. It will eventually work it self out.


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