Written by Tricia Shelby
Wife to John Shelby III

Well, this season will make our fourth season in the Minor Leagues. While my husband is currently playing for the Birmingham Barons (Chicago White Sox AA)in Birmingham Alabama, I unfortunately, am living 2 states north and a six hour car ride in Lexington, KY. It seems as though each year should get easier, with the separation and all, but this year has been our hardest year.

Being our first year of marriage we decided at the beginning of the year that I would stay in our home town until the season started around April in Lexington, KY. When April came I still didn't feel right leaving my job and just moving so I decided I would stay and just visit on the weekends. We tried the first couple home stands (every other weekend) but it resulted in long car rides and short time spent with one another so it now is once every month.

This leads me to where I am now, just returning from a short weekend trip with my husband I realized that its not how many times you get to spend but how you make the time spent well worth it. I am blessed to be able to travel and watch John T. do something he loves. I currently work for the Sheriff's Office (law enforcement) in our hometown and alot of my co-worker's have husbands who work in the same office as them (doing different things of course) but they each get to spend I would say 150 out of 168 hours/week while I get 72 hours.

It was a struggle at first but I am thankful that God doesn't leave us in our current storms for very long, and even when they are still going on around us He gives us the grace to keep on going. When I returned last night I was taken away because the 1st half of the season is over and it feels like just yesterday he left for Spring Training.

Our ultimate goal is to of course make it to the Big Leagues when God permits it but I don't want to be stuck in a current storm for long, so the first half of this season has taught me contentment. That life sometimes will go unexpected but that God's love is always there to keep us.

As we start the second half I have a better outlook on the distance apart, and how even though I am 6 hours north of my husband my support and love still reaches to him each game like I'm in the stands myself.



  1. This is a great story! God will not leave us hanging. I too am so amazed their is only 2 1/2 months left not even! Hang in there, you are a strong woman for being able to stay committed to your job as well as your husband and travel on the weekends!

  2. A supportive wife is the best way to help your husband and it sounds like you are doing a great job. Hang in there and good things will happen :)

  3. I enjoy your gratitude for life and what you are given. So often, all we read on the internet are of struggles, frustrations and strife. You take what others would turn into a major struggle into a part of life and are thankful. I just love stopping by to read! Thank you for sharing positive things.