Written by Kaycee Sogard
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One of my favorite parts about being a baseball wife (aside from the single parenting, and people two rows behind you at the game telling your husband he sucks) is the volunteering. Throughout the season most teams offer the wives and girlfriends many opportunities to volunteer and help with different fundraisers, giveaways, and events they hold. I have so much fun hanging out with the girls at the field all while helping out for lots of great causes, too!

I love that our guys’ teams make the effort to include us in these events, although I’ve never really understood why people love meeting and seeing the wives so much. I think people have this grand vision in their heads of what a “baseball wife” is supposed to look like or be (think Angelina Jolie meets Pamela Anderson), and while most baseball wives really are beautiful inside and out, I think the fans enjoy finding out that we are pretty normal, basic people just like them.

As much as I love volunteering throughout the season, there is one thing that drives me crazy, and it happens every single time without fail.

“Who do you belong to?”

It’s a seemingly harmless and innocent question from fans that for some reason makes me want to quickly and painlessly tweeze my eardrums out of my head. When you’re married to a baseball player, you instantaneously lose your first name and simply become [insert players name here]’s wife. People you haven’t heard from in months, or even years will text or message you. Not to say hi, not to ask how you’re doing and catch up, but to tell you that they saw your husband play, or get this, to have the nerve to ask for tickets (which yes, we pay for). During baseball season, people, sometimes even family, seem to forget that you exist.

Do NOT get me wrong! Do we love and appreciate all of the incredible support that my husband has from our family, friends and fans? Unquestionably. We don’t take a second of that for granted, but as for me…

I do not “belong” to anyone.

Whether or not my husband is playing baseball, I am still present and still a part of my family. Try not to forget about me.

Even though we are not the ones on the field or bringing in the paycheck, baseball wives help our families function in more ways than an outsider could possibly imagine.

Just because our husbands are in the spotlight, does not make them any more special, important, or significant than we are.


It’s often hard not to lose your identity while your husband is playing, but like in anything, it’s important to find and do the things that make you happy. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but I do my best to do those things that make me who I am, and remember that I am not just a baseball wife.

- Kaycee (Eric Sogard belongs to me)


  1. Beautiful darlings đŸ˜˜caterina

  2. Well said Kaycee! I'm really shocked that people ask you for tickets, the nerve!

  3. You are.. are buddy... we cheer for you and your husband...because you are one of us...and we hope for your(and your husband's success) it's that simple

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