By Krys Hobson
Wife to Butch Hobson

I have spent the better part of 22 years on my own, raising our children, helping with my step children and generally holding down the fort. Two of my children are gone, the third is only a few short years away and lets just say I will be past the age of retirement when the fourth one goes off to college.

Butch and I have hit every bump in the road that any couple can imagine. I have written and talked about the pit falls and the high spots for years. No matter what we have gone through or how much time we have spent away from each other I have always anticipated his return. Sleeping always proves difficult for the couple of nights before I know he is coming home. A normal reaction I would expect when you haven’t seen someone for quite some time.

This was very true for me when he was scheduled to come home for our sons high school graduation a few weeks ago. I have come to the conclusion after so many years of this that I deal with him leaving better than I do when he is coming home, over whelming emotions I guess.

Butch has been managing professional baseball for 24 years now, after a long playing career, this was of course, quite a change. His colorful side definitely comes out as a manager. You can look him up on You Tube and see a couple of his on field antics but, oh so many never made it to You Tube or were before its inception.

This brings me to the funny thing that happens to me. One of my sons called me and said that his buddy had seen dad on Sports Center and they had showed the most recent clip on You Tube. I wanted to see this latest post although Butch had already told me what happened and was not aware that it had been posted. I look it up and watch… as I see my husband of 22 years on my computer I get butterflies in my stomach and my heart starts to beat faster, OMG he looks good!

An old married couple and my husband still has that effect on me when I see him. No matter how long we are together I still feel like I did when I first laid eyes on him all those years ago. It was an instant reaction for both of us then and that reaction never goes away, and for some unknown reason it surprises me every time it happens. Go figure. I hope I am 80 and still have that reaction to him!

Until next time,
Krys Hobson



  1. Aww, that is so sweet! I think it's a special blessing on you two for having to endure so much time apart.

  2. Oh my gosh Krys! I love your description, I totally get what you are saying! The last paragraph is the best, and it's wonderful to hear about such devotion and love after all the trials and tribs of this lifestyle! Blessings for your dreams to come true on that!