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Back when I was pregnant with our oldest, Blake, I was intent on traveling with my husband as much as I could.  I figured I would probably homeschool our son for his elementary school years, and move him into school after baseball was over.  

As time went on, though, we moved.  A lot.  We got traded around, we found out I was expecting twins, we got traded some more, and I got tired.  So tired.  

I started to feel that Blake needed some stability.  I needed stability.  I wanted to be home, I wanted to stop putting him into new schools, and I wanted him to start making friends with kids that he lived near year round, that he played sports with, that he went to school with.

We decided to go with a school that many of my friends recommended and decided to go to, as well.  I'm happy with our decision, but the choice was a difficult one.

Of the MLB wives emails that go around, the main questions usually surround our children.  While the top question is usually what stroller or carseat other women in baseball recommend for our lifestyle, a close second is usually school related.  

We ask about homeschool curriculums, montessori schools, private schools, public schools, classical schools, you name it, we're asking it.

What are the deciding factors in the school you choose for your family?  For me, I thought about many things, including:

When baseball is over, where will we want to be?  Will a certain school be better for us long term, even if it's not currently?

Is it an option to consider living where my husband plays full time?  For us, the answer is no.  In the last 3 seasons, Elliot has been with 7 teams.  Seven.  Some families have contracts with teams, making it easier to buy a home and live somewhere full time.  

Do I feel that my children are coming second to their dad's career?  As we drew closer to kindergarten, I found myself wanting to be more settled, even if it meant we weren't with Elliot as much.  That may be different for families with more stability in their careers.

How much time and effort can I realistically give to whatever schooling choice we make?  Once we had twins, the idea that I would be able to homeschool went out the window.  It was unrealistic for me to think I would be able to homeschool them and move around with Elliot.  I found I needed the break I got when they were all at preschool, and I found that Blake is happy in an environment with other kids his age on a regular basis.

What is best for our children?  This answer is going to be different for every single family.  Decide what's really best for you and your kids.  

What kind of schooling did you choose for your kids and why?  What kind of schooling are you considering if your kids aren't at school age yet?

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