Written by Alexis Rosenbaum 
Wife to Danny Rosenbaum 

“Rosenbaum is nothing more than a guy to fill out the AAA rotation.  Doubt he ever cracks the majors.” - Greenmonstah

This particular comment hurts not because of the Greenmonstah’s doubt, but for his ruthless  definition of Danny’s success.  According to Greenmonstah, reaching AAA ball is nothing to be proud of especially if all you are doing is filling the rotation, but isn’t that what everyone in any job or career is doing?  Filling a position?

My husband is in his seventh professional baseball season after attending college for 3 years where he held an outstanding GPA.  Not only did he pitch his way into the 22nd round of the MLB draft, but he managed a long distance relationship with the woman he later married, me.  After four seasons with the Nationals he was Rule Five’d to the Colorado Rockies making it with the big league team to the very last day of camp.  Two years later and one left arm Tommy John surgery, he's back on the mound with the Boston Red Sox AA team in Portland Maine.  

Outside of his position on the mound, Danny bought a house, built a strong savings account, traveled the entire East coast, lived in Venezuela, and taught kids baseball in Dubai.  During his off-seasons, he's built a clientele providing baseball lessons to kids in our area with little to no availability for new clients that provides financial stability for his family.

If we focus on the sole goal of “cracking the majors” all those life experiences disappear.  Each life experience is an opportunity to grow your own definition of success; strip those experiences and what are we left with?

The time we have here is our only opportunity to experience and live.  My family prefers to spend our life following our own definitions than the definitions of others.  Being nothing more than a guy to fill out the AAA rotation is nothing short of successful and I want my husband to always feel proud of who he is as a player and non-player of baseball.

As the season nears the end, I find myself reminding everyone around me that it is ok to not always reach the end goal; that the most important part of living is experiencing.  Thru bad games and rough starts, from low A to AAA, at the end of the day, my husband is still doing what he loves and that in itself is something to be very proud of.

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