By Marissa Kloess
Wife to Brandon Kloess

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As this baseball season get's into full swing and spring training will be drawing to an end I wanted to talk about something that has really been stressing me out and I know has caused some trying times for other wives/fiances/girlfriends.

This will be the first year I will be able to travel with my husband and I am BEYOND excited not to spend another season apart. But, with this amazing opportunity comes some difficulties. The main one for us is "where are we going to live?!" Like many minor league players we are not completly sure where Brandon will be this year, but we do know he will most likely be in one place. So, as the planner I am as soon as we found out that there was a good chance he was going to this city I started fanatically calling apartment complexes.

Let me just preface this by saying I am not that high maintenance, but I do refuse to live above a blind drug dealer! True story, my husband lived above a blind drug dealer last season, and I know this because I witnessed a drug deal! He also lived in a closet, with 9 other guys in a three bedroom and on someones couch.

Anyways, I started calling all of the apartment complexes and found that short-term leases are few and far between. And the buildings that do offer them are a bit, let's just say "undesirable." My favorite phone conversation went like this - MK: do you offer short-term leases? Landlord: NO! MK: Well, we can't commit to a 12-month lease because my husband plays for the minor league team in your town. Landlord: Well, maybe you could do an 8-month lease. MK: Um, no baseball season isn't even that long. Landlord: Well, we can create a clause in the contract for you. MK: YES!!! (literally this was the 50th complex I'd called) How safe is this area. Landlord: Well, safety is all relative. We've never had anyone killed here! MK: Um, thanks! CLICK!!!!!

Seriously, no murders! Yes, that is exactly where I want to live! So, let's just say that was not an option. We did find an amazing apartment in a gorgeous building right near the stadium (unfurnished, but that's cool). It was perfect AND in our budget! I had to wait until Brandon got out of camp that day just to make sure he was good with the place an then I called the next morning to get everything set and the apartment had been rented the night before. Boy, was I a wreck! What was I going to do?

At this point I was feeling so discouraged and so frustrated that I didn't even know where to go from there. There was that question again - "where will we live?!" I continued to call and negotiate (like a shark I might add). And I eventually found a place that will work. (If my husband even ends up in this city!)

The reason I wanted to open up the conversation of housing is because I know there are many others in this same position. Many of us that really don't want to sleep on an air mattress or have a cardboard tv stand. Or just don't want to witness any drug deals when the boys are on a road trip.

I'm not an expert in any sense of the word, but a a few things that helped us were: asking if there are discounts for players of the local team (one place actually offered to waive the deposit for me), look at ALL different sites (Craiglist, Zillow, Apartment Finder,, ask if there is wiggle room in the rent, tell the them your beau plays for the local team (some are fans and would love to help a player out), don't get discouraged there is another place right around the corner. And most importantly, it won't always be like this. We won't always sleep on an air mattress with four other guys on couches in our apartment. This is only temporarily! And believe me I know how hard this is. The trusting and letting go is nearly impossible for me.

I love the support that Nicole has created and I just want us all to remember we are not alone. We've all been there. We've slept on the floor (or in the closet!) and left all our beautiful wedding presents in storage.

If you have lived in an apartment complex or building that was flexible with leases, safe and rent was budget friendly please be sure to post in the comments. I know many of us would really appreciate the advise.

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