Written by Rachel Eyre
Wife to Willie Eyre

Back in July, I wrote on the blog about changes and how I was driving home from Oklahoma City to Florida with the 3 kids ALONE! I was thinking that I could do it all.

God heard my plan and laughed. As did my mother, who simply told me she was meeting me after the first day of driving.
Here was how Day 1 went on our trip:

We are done with day one of our trip home to FL.
It was a long day, which means tomorrow will be even longer I suppose.

So, about an hour into our ride, we all have to go potty.
And I decided to fill up with gas, just to save us another trip later.

I bring Jackson and Parker into the boys' bathroom in the gas station.
I figure it is safe, as it is one bathroom with a door to be locked.

I take Lily into the girls' room.
When I come out of the girls room, I see that the boys obviously did not lock the door.
Parker walks out completely naked.
Into the store.
Not even shoes.
And not concerned about it at all.

I am embarrassed, but have to get over it while I follow the trail of clothing back to
the mens' room.

Really, looking back now, I am mortified. I have no idea what goes through that head of his.

Now, you can clearly see why I should not be allowed to drive 3 kids alone. I can't even manage to keep clothes on that middle child!

Stay tuned for what happened on Days 2-3!


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