Written by Nicole Johnson
Wife to Elliot Johnson
Writer & Editor at The Life of the Baseball Wife
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September 2011, I witnessed the single most awesome game I have ever witnessed, and may ever witness.  Game 162- the day the Rays made it into the 2011 playoffs.

I went to a last night of the season dinner with some of the wives from the team, and we made our way over to the game, late.  I think that by this point, we were all avoiding dealing with trying to figure out if we were going to make it to the playoffs or not, and just didn't want to think about it til it was figured out for us.

As we watched our team fall way behind and got word that the Red Sox were ahead, we started to think it couldn't happen.  I mean, we were behind 7 runs.  Seven.  Then luck started to turn around, we started scoring, we tied, and we won.  (Obviously my details are NOTHING like what happened.  Seriously, google some of the youtube videos from the events that day and tell me you don't get excited).

We won.  We won the game.... and before we won, the Red Sox lost theirs.  Woah mama.


Did that really just happen?  Heck yes it did.

Oh. My. Gosh!

For as long as I had been with Elliot, the team he was on went to the playoffs.  Literally.  When we met in 05, his Fall league team was in the playoffs.  In 06, the Montgomery Biscuits went to the playoffs.  In 07, 08, 09, and 10, The Durham Bulls went to the playoffs.  We were kind of disappointed at the beginning of September because it was looking pretty bleak.  But the Rays pulled it off, and we were about to go play Texas in the playoffs!

The next 24 hours were a blur.  Celebrations, pictures on the field, booking a flight to Texas with other wives through text (we left the next day), Flying to Texas, and there we were.

The playoffs were over for us quicker than we would have liked, but we loved every minute of it.  It was the first time that we had gotten to be part of playoffs in the Major Leagues, and the crazy, unpredictable games were fun, and such a great experience.



  1. Nicole, I am so proud of you and also proud of your hubby! You guys have a beautiful family! I want to know the story of how and where u guys met :).

    Jessica Dierckman

    From high school :)

  2. I feel sorry how Baseball Wives reality show portray the wives to be.

  3. My best friend is a baseball wife and now she is a baseball mom. Everything you have said is true, from whatever you have to do as a family to the very long days on the road. Hang in there and I wish you and your family all the best!