Written by Tricia Ring
Wife to Royce Ring

In the life of baseball there are many times that we have to say goodbye. My daughter and I just headed back to our actual home in San Diego and left Royce behind. It is always hard to say goodbye and even after 9 years it hasn't gotten any easier. Leaving made me reflect all the things we say goodbye to every year in baseball. Even though the season is not over yet here are some goodbyes that I think we can all relate to.

Goodbye real house. I promise I'll be back.

Goodbye real bed. I'm really gonna miss you.

Goodbye cats. Please don't destroy the house while we are gone.

Goodbye friends. I promise to call you often.

Goodbye random apartment that we rented. I probably won't miss you that much.

Goodbye rented bed. Sorry, I don't have anything nice to say about you.

Goodbye road trips. Next year would you not take my husband for 8 days at a time?

Goodbye fireworks. Thanks for your beautiful displays all summer long.

Goodbye clubbies. Thank you for keeping my honey organized. Can you live with us in the offseason?

Goodbye family room and nannies. Can you come live with us during the offseason too?

Goodbye ushers in the family section. Thank you for your smiles and kindness each day.

Goodbye stadium workers. We thank you for making everything run smoothly behind the scenes.

Goodbye rain delays, extra innings, and double headers. Oh wait, I'm not going to miss you at all!

Goodbye autograph hounds. May you find another hobby in the offseason.

Goodbye humidity. I'll miss you as you made me sweat through my entire outfit each day.

Goodbye mascot. How do you wear that thing every day in the summer?

Goodbye crazy fans. Without your support baseball wouldn't be so exciting.

Goodbye stadium food. I have a lot of running to do to because of you.

Goodbye to the other wives, girlfriends, fiances. Thank you for being such a great support group.

Goodbye husband. We will miss you dearly and are counting the days till we get to see you again.

Goodbye baseball. Thanks for the memories. It's been a good year but now it's time to rest and put you aside for awhile. We will see you again soon!


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  1. Lordy I hate to think of the season coming to an end... but I hope you guys get a bit of "normal" for a while.

    Thanks, baseball wives, for sharing your guys with us through the season. We'll miss them!