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Halloween is fast approaching, what are your kids going to be?  As of today, our son Blake wants to be Luigi (one of the super mario brothers), but I'm sure that will change at least 5 more times, and he will finally pick something when I take him to the Halloween store to get a costume.

He loves Halloween.  He loves picking out his costume and running around with his friends through the streets of our neighborhood getting candy door to door.  

Unfortunately, Blake has severe food allergies, as many of you know.  When he was almost 3, he had an allergic reaction after eating candy that was in the same bucket as candy with nuts in it.  They were all wrapped, but he still had a reaction.  

So typically, I buy him two halloween buckets.  Once to trick or treat with, and one filled with safe goodies for him to eat after he gets home and washes his hands.  We let him keep the non-food treats he collects though, and I encourage all families to have some of those available for kids.  

Some non food treats include:
Bouncy Balls
Glow Bracelets

I often get asked, as well, what some safe candies are for kids with nut allergies.  Chances are if the allergy is as severe as Blake's, you can trust that their mom is probably like me and will likely throw out donate the candy they collect that night.  However, if their allergies aren't as severe, I think they would appreciate getting more of the candy their kid can eat.  

And of course, anyone that takes the food allergies of our kids into consideration is greatly appreciated by the food allergy community.  1 in 13 kids has a food allergy, there is a good chance that several will come to your door this Halloween.

Here are some nut free candies:
Mike & Ikes
Hot Tamales
Laffy Taffy
Haribo Gummy Bears
Swedish Fish
Sour Patch Kids
Tootsie Rolls
Blow Pops
Dum Dums
Pop Rocks
Andes Mints
Dubble Bubble
Junior Mints
Caramel Apple Pops
Sugar Daddy
Sugar Babies
Nerds Rope
Pixie Sticks
Sweet Tarts

To check the label on a package: Look at the ingredients, and see if it contains any nuts.  Additionally, look to see if it has "May Contain" or "Made in a Shared Facility" or "Made on Shared Equipment."  If any of these include peanuts or tree nuts, it's most definitely not safe.  

Happy Halloween!  

The Baseball Wife

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