Written by Danielle Lutz
Wife to Derrik Lutz

Settled is not a word you will hear many baseball wives ever use. Nothing is ever settled in your life when you are married to a baseball player.

In late June, learning my husband would need Tommy John a second time when he hadn’t even been back with a team yet from the first time around was devastating. I felt as if my heart was being ripped out of my chest and felt myself screaming to God, “Why us? Why do we have to go through this again?”

This summer has been a whirlwind between thinking we were finishing up rehab, moving my son and myself to my parents anticipating a move, realizing something was wrong, waiting for inflammation to settled and more rehab to take place, to waiting to see how things would feel, finding out he needed surgery, waiting for confirmation it would happen, traveling for surgery, and then finally in the end moving back out to Arizona. We were exhausted!

Derrik’s last rehab left us far from settled since it happened during the season so we moved back to Sarasota only to have to move to Arizona part of the way through because, go figure, it would be Derrik’s rehab year that the Reds were moving their Spring Training facilities out to Arizona.

That move took place in September. We then went back home for three weeks over Christmas only to get a phone call saying our place out in Arizona had been robbed. I won’t bother getting into those unsettling details, but we moved AGAIN into a nicer neighborhood. So much for trying to save a few bucks!

While I was home over the summer Derrik moved all of our stuff (boxed up) into two more places since we kept being told we would be back with a team in a few weeks. Finally, on July 13th after Derriks’ surgery, we signed a TWELVE MONTH LEASE!!!! Finally I didn’t have to explain that we would only need a place for a few months because we’d be moving again, and I didn’t have to explain our crazy lifestyle. I could just simply sign a twelve month lease! I got to call the cable company, set up our own electric, and we even got furniture! Nothing special…. think Craigslist special, but still, we are getting to make a home. I keep telling myself to keep it simple that we will have to move all of this stuff soon enough, but the idea of being able to hang a family photo on the wall and leave it there for twelve whole months makes me giddy!

If God would have answered my prayers to make my husband healthy who knows where we would be. We could have been sent back to AA, down to High A where some of the other rehab guys have gone, or (do I even dare let my mind go there) in the Big Leauges helping the Reds bull pen out. It crushes me to constantly read how the Reds need help in the bull pen, how it is where they are really lacking quality players, how they need a closer.  This is my husbands dream job and it’s open!

I am learning to make peace with the fact that my husband did indeed have surgery again, we will live in Arizona as a family for around a year, and this is the life God is giving us at the moment. I read a quote not to long ago on Twitter (great place for quality information huh?) that said, “The Bible says if you want to live a happy life do not compare what you have to others.” So instead of wishing we were off playing with the team, I’m going to be happy with the fact that we are settled, we are not planning a move like we always are, we can make a home for ourselves, we can make friends out of baseball in a town we can call “home”, we can once again grow as a family out here by ourselves, and I can hang some pictures on the wall. Ahhh…. We’re settled!

Unless we get traded…. Do rehab players get traded very often?!?! Ahh my mind can never settled down!

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  1. I'll be praying he has a quick recovery! My fiance had tommy john in 2008, a scope in 2009 and looks like is getting another scope when the season is done! Hopefully Dr. Andrews will get it all right this time for yall's sake! It is Dr. Andrews who is doing his surgery correct?

  2. No Dr. Kremchek in Cincinnati did both of his surgeries. Best of luck to you and your man!!!