Written by Nicole Johnson
Wife to Elliot Johnson
Editor at baseballwifeblog.com

Every woman in baseball spends a good part of her time on her own.  Sometimes it's at home, sometimes it's in an apartment in a new city, sometimes it's in a hotel in a new country.  It's going to happen.

I'm a paranoid person.  I could live in Fort Knox and still be worried that someone was going to break into my house and take my children.  I like to think it's an endearing quality, I'm quite sure I drive my husband nuts with all my unnecessary worries.  

However, I have had instances where I've felt less than comfortable.  Like the time all the media reported what hotel we were staying at in Mazatlan.  It made me a little uncomfortable knowing everyone knew where to find us, and my husband's travel schedule was just a click away on the team website.

And there was the time in Kansas City that I came back from a road trip to a neighbor bringing me a couple boxes of items I had ordered for the upcoming bridal shower of one of the wives.  He said that he had seen some men in a truck in our driveway attempting to put said boxes into their truck.  

The point is, even if you're not posting where you're going on facebook, it's pretty easy for someone to figure out when your husband will be gone.  It's best to have a plan should anyone sketchy knock on your door, or should anything happen to your home while you're there on your own.  I'm not saying you're not capable of taking care of yourself, but you can never be too safe and prepared to take control of any situation that may arise when you're home alone.

1. Lock the Doors:  Always.  You would think this would go without saying, but sometimes you may just be going for a walk in the neighborhood and may get lax.  It's worth it to lock your doors every time.  This goes for when you're in the house, too.  

2. Use a Security System:  These are a great deterrent and defense since they call the police for you. Even if it's not connected to a phone line, the blaring noise is usually good for scaring people off that are attempting to break into your home.  

3. Use a Wooden Dowel in Sliding Glass Doors:  You can easily have one cut and purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.  Just measure the size and head over to your local hardware store.  

4. Hang Curtains:  Don't leave items that a burglar would want to steal in plain site, and use curtains on your windows to keep anyone from looking into your place.  Even temporary blinds are helpful.  I once taped regular old printer paper int the sidelight windows at a house we rented after we had a few too many door-to-door salesmen trying to get me to walk outside and look at stuff on the outside of the house.  

5.  Pay Attention to Your Surroundings:  Constantly taking note of the people and cars you see around you will help you to notice if something seems out of the ordinary.

6.  Check in With Family and Friends:  Have a plan for contacting family and friends, both out of town and in town.  Even something as simple as a text thread with other wives or family members can help you keep tabs on each other.  

7.  Turn on the Lights:  You can purchase lights for outside that are solar powered and timers for your indoor lights at places like Target.  They are worth it, since intruders don't tend to like to hang out in the light.

8.  Take a Self Defense Class:  When we were with the Rays, one of the wives set up a 3 hour long self defense class for all of us.  I walked in thinking it would be awkward, and I walked out feeling like a ninja-badass.  Now I don't avoid people that make me uncomfortable in stores, I look them dead in the eye as if to tell them I will pick them out of a lineup, and if they dare touch me or my kids I'll fight them to the death.  Trust me, it's worth it.  

What are your tips for safety when you're home alone?  Any tips you'd like to add?  

The Baseball Wife


  1. Great advice :) thank you for sharing! As a baseball wife who doesn't travel it's always a good reminder to do these things!

  2. I've always heard you can sleep with your keys near your bed, that way you could set off your car alarm to get all the neighbor's attention.

  3. Great post. So important! I would add to buy a BAD DOG or BEWARD OF DOG sign even if you don't have a dog! Criminals don't want to deal with a dog and will move on to a house that doesn't have one ;-)

  4. I have the big dog very scary she is :)

  5. LOVE this post!!! I am paranoid too and could live in Fort Knox too lol