Written by Katie Davis
Wife to Lars Davis

When he approached me at practice, the first words out of my mouth were "Who smells like sweaty Old Spice?" His reply of course was, "Oh probably one of the freshman."

One year later he admitted to being the Old Spice culprit...claiming he used to wear it a looong time ago and he was wearing an old set of catching gear (riiiiiiiiiight).

So why didn't he admit to it when I first asked? Apparently this is what guys do, pass blame to someone else when they feel their own qualities threaten their chances at a woman.

My name is Katie Davis and I am the wife of Colorado Rockies catcher, Lars Davis. That situation occurred back in January 2008 while I was an Athletic Training Student at the University of Illinois. I happened to be in my last semester at Illinois and was working with the baseball team when Lars showed up to work out with the team before heading to his first spring training since being drafted in 2007.

I had been told many stories about Lars and his accomplishments (ex: his junior year after a two hour rain delay at Mizzou he stepped up to the plate and blasted the first pitch thrown to him over the wall using a wooden bat), and while I was impressed by his statistics he was just another athlete trying to get what he wanted to me. Lars tried soooo hard to flirt with me during those long baseball practices but I found it much funnier to deny any of his comments and kindly poke fun of him for being Canadian (as a joke, I threaten to call the department of immigration and have him deported since his visa expired the day before, terrible right? Wrong! It was hilarious). But he pressed on and I finally gave in. After dating for two weeks, Lars asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day (it’s a story on it own), a week and a half before he was leaving for spring training.

We knew the long distance relationship would be hard but luckily Lars was assigned to the Asheville Tourists that season which happened to only be 3 hours from my parents new home in Tennessee. I was able to spend the majority of the summer with him in Asheville until I left in July for my graduate assistantship at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I think the hardest part came the following season when Lars was assigned to High-A Modesto…we were on complete opposite sides of the country! I was the athletic trainer for the USF Softball team while in Tampa, so when Lars left for Spring Training I didn’t get a chance to see him until our season was over in May, and then twice more before the fall semester. But we got through it, and I do believe that when you put the effort into a long distance relationship, it becomes stronger than you can imagine.

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I actually became upset with Lars for taking so long to make it back to Tampa after that season ended and felt like a fool for that because during those extra days he took to “get his car prepared to be shipped”, he was actually flying to Tennessee to ask my dad’s permission to marry me. Lars proposed the day after he landed in Tampa (I remember his hands shaking when he opened the ring box, it stills puts a smile on my face thinking about that ). We were married on October 10, 2010 in Tierra Verde, Florida, right next to the water, just as I always wanted.

I have never been treated better by anyone in my life than I am by my husband. I am so thankful for having him and still to this day I wonder, “why me?” We will always have our ups and downs. Lars has struggled with depression on the field since I have known him and now that he finally is getting a hold of it, he seems like a completely different player, actually enjoying the game and shrugging off bad games or at bats...moving on to the next day. But it has been those struggles we faced early on in our relationship that have made us so strong and so in love with each other.

Lars is catching with the AA Tulsa Drillers this season and I am currently an intern Athletic Trainer at Vanderbilt University, but I am fortunate enough to work with the Vandy baseball team here (#1 in the nation! Go ‘Dores!). I have always wanted to work with baseball and hope to land a job in collegiate baseball after my term here. The unfortunate side of this is that the collegiate baseball season can be just as long and demanding as any other sport but it keeps me busy while he is away. My job as a collegiate athletic trainer makes me sacrifice ever being able to travel an entire season with my husband, as well as getting to visit him every month as I would like to, but in a strange way, being around the baseball world keeps me closer to him. Thanks for reading, more adventures to come!


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