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I feel like the day after Thanksgiving, the Christmas rush begins. Especially this year since Thanksgiving happened so late in the month.  The day after everyone makes up their Christmas lists and starts in on their holiday shopping for loved ones.  The holiday parties begin, and every year, there is always a cookie swap.  

I love going to cookie swaps, unfortunately, I can't ever share the cookies I get at those parties with my son.  He has severe nut allergies.  They are so severe that he can't eat anything that has touched a nut, or anything that even may have touched a nut.  

Back when we were still learning and beginning to understand his allergy, I remember I made chocolate chip cookies on a cookie sheet that had been used previously to make peanut butter cookies.  It had been washed and sanitized, but it didn't matter.  Blake had a terrible allergic reaction, resulting in us buying all new bakeware and deciding we weren't going to make anything that contained peanuts or peanut butter in our house anymore.

Baked goods are usually only consumed by Blake if they have been baked in our own house.  Even the cookies at the grocery store aren't safe unless they specifically say they are peanut AND tree nut free.  Gourmet usually equals poison in the nut allergy world.  

A couple years ago, though, my friend Honesty came to visit me from New York.  She knew about Blake's allergies and brought along with her some of Eleni's Color Me! cookies for Blake to enjoy.  

And then our love affair with Eleni's New York began.  

I nearly jumped for joy a couple weeks ago when Eleni's Nut Free Bakery offered to send Blake some of his favorite cookies.  I knew he would love to have some of their Color Me! Gingerbread Cookies, and I was so excited to see them arrive at our house.  

Blake and I decided to get down to coloring this past Sunday while his twin sisters were napping and Elliot was out doing hitting and defense lessons.  He was so excited to open the box to find 5 food coloring markers and TWO layers of yummy cookies to decorate.  

Blake decided he wanted me to help him color our family on the gingerbread cookies, including our dog, Baxter (we had to get a little creative with this one, so we bit off an arm to make him look more like a dog than a person).

Blake had such a good time coloring and it was so great to tell him that these cookies were specially made so that kids like him could enjoy them without the anxiety that comes along with baked goods from bakeries that aren't nut free.  He got to be a carefree kid for the afternoon, and I'm pretty sure he devoured a whole layer of the cookies in minutes!

Thank you Eleni's New York for not only sending us these yummy goodies, but for being a nut free bakery for all kids with nut allergies.  Words can't express how great it is to know that there are companies like yours that hold yourselves to the high standards that come with the label nut-free.  

We really enjoyed bonding over cookie decorating and we all LOVE your cookies!  

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