Written by Alisha Perkins
Wife to Glen Perkins

Sometimes I wonder if I still would have married him had I known what I was getting into. Heck, I wonder if my parents would have let me marry him if they would of known much this was going to effect their lives as well. Maybe it is better that you don't know in the beginning... that you are naive to what the life of a baseball wife really entails... and believe me naive is definitely what I was.

We got engaged July of 2004.... it was not anything moving or extremely romantic... just like the life of baseball it was quick and then it was back to baseball. Glen was playing for the Minnesota Twins minor league team- the Quad Cities Swing, out of Iowa. I was living in Minnesota and finishing my degree at the University of Minnesota. He had a day off so he drove the 3 hours back to Minnesota to BBQ with my family and I. At the end of the evening out on the end of my parents dock he asked me to marry him... I obviously said Yes, and then he hoped in his car and drove back to Iowa to play baseball.... and so began my life as a baseball wife.

I should have known then that it was not going to be the romantic glitz and glamour that I thought it was.

Earlier in the year I had flown out to Elizabethtown, TN to see Glen. After a long flight, a connection, and a final flight on a tiny puddle jumper plane I was there. Oh the beautiful towns that minor league teams are located in. Let me tell you Elizabethtown was a real jewel. :)

The next day- I am not kidding- the very next day- he was called up to the Iowa Team... so he hopped on a plane (how nice for him) ;) and I packed up the car, left the Red Roof Inn (classy I know) parking lot and set out to drive alone from Tennessee to Iowa. Needless to say my only sanity lied in books on tape. And let me tell you that those suckers really make the time fly.... I read (listened) so many books in the years to come as I drove the car from Iowa to Florida, Minnesota to Florida, Florida to Connecticut, Connecticut to Minnesota, and with two kids in tow (three and a half and 20 months) I drove alone from Minnesota to New York and back to Minnesota again.

If it hadn't been for "The Nanny Diaries", "Confessions of a Shopaholic", "Mommywood", "STORI Telling", (riveting and life changing books I know) ;) and many many more- I do not know if I would still be a baseball wife... seriously sometimes I think books on tape saved my marriage, or at least helped me survive the long car rides between the minor leagues to the major leagues :)


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  1. Thanks for this tip! We're going to be driving home in August and I was wondering how I would get through it with 3 kids on my own! I'm definitely getting some audiobooks